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英国paper代写-The Anxiety of Day and the Horror of the Darkness

2017-06-16 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

篇英国paper代写-The Anxiety of Day and the Horror of the Darkness讲了比利经常受到无法控制的恐怖袭击的困扰,特别是晚上比利是一个孩子时。比利无法找到它来自哪里。有各种关于鬼怪的故事。比利长大与他的祖母和阿姨这些故事,他母亲的双胞胎姐妹是一流的故事讲述者,他的头脑中充满了幽灵和怪物故事在黑暗的夜晚。本篇英国paper代写由51due英国论文代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

Billy was often gripped by a surge of uncontrollable horror, especially at night, when Billy was a kid. Billy is unable to find out where it comes from. There are all kinds of stories about ghost and monsters. Billy grew up with those kinds of stories as his grandmother and his aunt, the twin sister of his mother were a first-rate story teller, whose minds were full of ghost and monsters stories in the dark nights.  And the background of such stories is all set during the long night. Maybe the horror of the monsters with horrible face lurking in the endless darkness will prey on me and eat me in a blink.  Later when Billy grew up, Billy figured out that the darkness makes him blind and Billy has no clue of what happened around him. This is the real reason of the horrors of the darkness. This kind of horror is genetic. In the primeval time, human beings were used to hunt at the daytime while beasts chose to attack humans against the backdrop of blackness. 

Billy never turned the lights off when he was sleeping. The lights made him feel safe a little bit. The fear of darkness lasted for ten years. Until one day, Billy had his tenth birthday and his mother threw a huge party for him. What a tired but exciting party!Billy opened his eyes in the morning next day and felt refreshed: it seehimd to be the soundest sleeping Billy ever had. However, Billy turned around and noticed his mother who was sitting beside his bed. She looked at him anxiously and asked in a soft voice:”what happened to you, my dear? I noticed that your light was turned off last night. So I came to your room only to find that you woke up at nights, sitting straight and murmured strange words. But you wore the happiest smile that I have ever seen.” Billy was at a loss about what his mother said as Billy remembered nothing about the last night. All Billy can recall was some strange voices Billy heard. Since that day, like the majority of people, he sleeps with the bed lamps turned off and began to enjoy the quietness and mystery in the darkness.

That was a quiet and starry night. As usual, Billy was alone, sitting in the chair on the open balcony without windows. It has become a habit and the most enjoyable thing of his life. Only one thing differentiate this day from other endless boring days: today was his birthday: May 24, 2016. But Billy was still alone as his most dearly mother has passed away. The wind was cool and Billy could smell the faint smell of unnamed flower and the grass. Suddenly, Billy heard low and deep voice whispering at his ear. It is some strings of sound that Billy could not understand but Billy still felt those words familiar. But there was rhythm and tone of it, like the human language. Billy noticed that a star in the east was bigger and shiny than before. It seems to approach him. A bright light shone before him and I fainted. 

The next day Billy awaked; Billy found that he was lying in the chair on the balcony for the whole night. All seemed to be normal. Suddenly Billy heard very strange sound in some place. Billy wanted to check it out but the watch reminded him that there was twenty minutes left before the working time. And Billy went to work and ate as usual. But Billy was totally absent minded, only expecting that the night fell as soon as possible, as it is the only time that Billy could keep away from the noise and all kinds of bosses. During the daytime, Billy was not himself. His mind and body were being possessed by others. Everyone was in fact impersonalized and materialized as a necessary link of the functioning of the huge society. They fight for being fed and clothed as the physical body always has to obey certain rules. This is all the meaning that I can recall about the role of human beings in a society. Troubled by all the petty matters and boring people as a grown-up, Billy was fond of darkness now. As Billy finds another magical power of the darkness---only surrounded by the darkness, Billy can totally forget about the status of a human being and communicate with inhumane things and see some inhumane phenomena. At night, Billy became the lord of his own life and experiences something magical, which could not be explained by the human knowledge. 

When Billy returned after a long and exhausting day at almost ten pm, he heard noises at the balcony. Maybe it is still the deepest horror of the darkness make him have illusion; or maybe the things happened in the night are originally what they are as they have not been intervened by the human beings and the modern civilization during the nights. At that moment, Billy felt that his body was possessed by the darkness and the horror. This is the reasons that in his point of view, Billy could feel a different world and experience something beyond human experience. 

Billy opened the door to the balcony with great caution. Anything is all right. The wind was still cool and Billy could still smell the faint smell of unnamed flower and the grass. Billy sat in the chair in a relaxed manner and felt funny of his overreaction. The cool wind and sweet flower took away of all his tiredness and anxiety of the worldly life. Suddenly, Billy came to realize: where is the sound? No birds chirp, and no horns of cars.  

In this silence, Billy was about to sleep when the sound of door opening came to him. How could it be possible! Billy is the only one who has the key. Billy grabbed one baseball bat in the balcony and prepared for the worst situation: the burglary. When the man walked into the house, Billy was stunned: he looked exactly the same with him. The only difference is that this man has a differently cold air.  

The man walked towards Billy, with the warm smile on his face. Within the blink, he stood before stunned Billy, and opened his arm, hoping to embrace Billy was afraid and pointed the baseball bat at him. “Who are you? And how do you have my key and come to my house?” Billy asked in an angry and terrified voice.  But the intruder acted quite normally and spoke slowly “my dear brother, do not you remember me? I am another you living in a parallel world. At your birthday, I have visited you. Do you still remember the strange voice at your tenth birthday? That is my faraway wishes to you from dark planet”. “Dark planet?” Billy asked. “Yes, dark planet. We are in charge of the darkness of all the planets in the galaxy. We can enter the dream of any creature. I have felt some connection and calling from earth. Until one day, my father, oh, our father has told me that I have a brother on earth.”  Billy was now totally amazed” father? I have never knew and met my father.”  “Of course, there is a policy on our planet.  Once a woman gives birth to a twin, who is seen as the sign of bad luck on our planet, she and one of her twin have to be sent to the earth. You must have never seen grandfather. Our grandmother has experienced this. The family gene is strong in our family.  That year, our mother gave birth to us. Our family was separate since then. And I was only allowed to visit you every ten years. I knew that you were afraid the darkness so I skipped the nights for you. In fact, you have never experienced real nights after your tenth birthday. The darkness of the nights you have seen is just an illusion that I created for you. Now, at your twentieth birthday, I heard you yelling for the darkness. I am glad that you have grown so mature during the ten years. We people on the dark planet are always convinced that there is more beauty in darkness than the daytime. There is always magic power and endless possibility in the darkness. It is rare for the twin who is dispatched to the earth could understand. The king of our planet is happy to see you learn about the essence of the darkness and decide to have you back to the darkness planet. Would you like to come with me, my brother? It is a new life.  There is no sun and no job anymore. There is only endless darkness where you can ponder over your life as you will”.  

Billy loosened his grab on the basketball bat and was thrown back into all kinds of different ideas. There is silence for a long period of time. He at first was angry at that his mother, aunt and grandmother have never told the truth to him. He lived his life in lies for twenty years. Then, the unreasonable decision made by the king of the so-called darkness plant which ruined the happiness of his family made him angrier.  The loss of identity at a moment struck him: where I belong actually: earth or the so-called darkness planet. 

Suddenly, Billy’s brother interrupted his thought and kept saying: “I totally understood that it is hard for you to decide. I will show you the life on the darkness planet. He took out an elaborate pen, and put the button. A motion picture was presented before him: it is an advanced society. The whole population of the planet is concentrated at one big city. The streets and every household have a special kind of tree and plants. There are plenty of flowers and leaves on it, which giving off rather strong lights. They have invented this kind of tree, which gave off as an emitter of lights. People there seem to be idle and lack of energy. As they stopped doing any manual work or produce any products any more, it is the job of robots now. All of them are reading books, or thinking. “This is the day I dreamed of. I could avoid endless chores and boring people. I can just enjoy the free world of myself” Billy said to himself.  He nodded and decided to travel to the dark planet with his long lost brother. 

“All right, my dear brother. It is the time for you to start some real life.’ this man said, “In ten minutes, I will send message to the citizens of the dark planet. They will come here and pick you up. ” Billy replied “how about you, brother? Aren’t you going with me?”  This man said that he had to stay on earth to replace you to work to avoid the suspicion of others.  Billy looked grateful and embraced this man. 

Months later, a piece of news gets around all over the world. Many persons of single parents who are alone without any family member are reported missing. According to the accounts of their neighbors or colleagues, those people all have ever showed the hatred of work and have often involved in conflicts with their neighbors or colleagues. 

A month later, Billy with a dozen of people with all colors and ethnics, stayed in a factory, being pushed to assemble all kinds of robots and be treated by the robot supervisors badly. In the complete darkness, Billy thought of a warm sun, the wind, flower and green tree, the sunset and sunrise, and the Twilight. He even thought of and missed his most annoying boss. 

Somewhere on the balcony of an apartment in one megacity, one young man called John looked grateful and embraced another man who looked exactly the same with him. 

When John disappeared in the distance into the sky, this man, standing on the balcony, pulls his skin on the face and unveils another look, muttered in a string of strange word and smiled coldly.  

After a cold breeze, Billy woke up and found himself on the balcony. “What time is it” he murmured. It was 8 o’clock but it was already May 26, 2016. He has been slept for two days. Rushing to the office, he found that his boss was waiting him, angrily. “Do you want to get fired, Billy? Where did you go yesterday?”  However, Billy just kept grinning. Since then, his neighbors or colleagues have discovered him as a new person and Billy, who was popular now, himself saw a new world.  



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