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Paper代写:Science Can Inform Our Values

2019-10-19 | 来源:51Due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

本篇paper代写- Science Can Inform Our Values讨论了科学与价值观。人类的价值观与科学的进步和发展息息相关。科学之所以存在和发展,原因在于同情、尊重人、致力于诚信和道德实践、致力于追求卓越,也体现在人类价值观中的医疗公正。很多事实都证明科学可以告诉我们价值观。本篇paper代写51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

Can science inform human values? The answer is positive. Science definitely sheds light on our values. Generally speaking, human values includes compassion, respect for persons, commitment to integrity and ethical practice, commitment to excellence, and justice in healthcare. Taking commitment to excellence for example, human spare no effort in pursuing a better life probably out of the fast-developing science. The invention of Internet has brought people closer all over the world, so those living in less developed regions may have a chance to see the life standard they have dreamed of, which turns into a strong desire for excellence and then values come into being. My argument may be developed on the account of several aspects of human values mentioned above.

Firstly, I want to discuss how science would account for compassion. At first glance, most of people think they have been educated to possess compassion for others, such as the poor, the old and the disabled. It seems a great result of humanistic education, and has nothing to do with science. What is more, the emergence of violent video games, driven by science for sure, push teenagers further from a mercy heart. Nevertheless, they are not all about science. If we look at a bigger picture, science is much greater than they thought. While seeing the scenes of refugees from Africa or Syria fleeing away and becoming homeless due to wars on TV or Internet, people could not be without shock and astonishment by virtue of such a scientific technology, and compassion is strengthened in their mind. They start to cherish things and people around them, as well as care for disadvantage groups.

Recently, an extreme scientific research lends a support to my idea. Meditation technique is used to show that it might be possible. The research is published in the journal Psychological Science.

Compassionate Meditation” by focusing on a specific person while repeating a phrase like, “May you be free from suffering.” The subjects concentrated on five different people: A loved one, a friend, themselves, a stranger and then someone they were in conflict with.

Another group of subjects performed general positive thinking. Both groups did the exercise

30 minutes a day for two weeks. Finally, finding show that they are more compassionate than before.

When it comes respect for others, science could be a fair explanation. A typical example is while writing a scientific paper, scholars may find a lot of reference to help with their research, in which three are some cutting-edge technologies as well as advanced ideas they can learn from. Then why do they need to add the list of reference at the end of the paper? That is to show respect for peers and for their achievement. Respecting facts and peers is the core spirit of science. Nothing can be achieved without this philosophy. On the other hand, science is strict. Any plagiarism or copy without permission is not allowed. Science requires us to respect others and achievement of other scholars, which are spread out as universal values. What is more, science discloses respect for others all the time. Image you are a professor and just finish a project. You would thank your assistant, your students and those technicians who work in the laboratory for their painstaking efforts to make your concept come true. That is exactly kind of values the majority of scholars may uphold. Naturally your students will inherit these values. Although it is confined to academic circles, when students graduate from colleges, they may bring such a spirit to work. I believe students like this will be highly appreciated by the company which hires them, and are more likely to stand out among peers.

Commitment to integrity and ethical practice is the fundamental requirement of science, the cornerstone of scientific moral and the critical factor of scientific survival and development. On the contrary, science symbolizes integrity and ethical practice. Whenever we speak of scientists, the first thing that comes to our mind is their integrity and ethical practice. Yet recently there are some negative testimonials in various sections from project application, funds receiving, achievement assessment to paper publishing and in all kinds of personnel, from common researchers, leaders, even to distinguished scientists. Scientific misconducts are always related to interest community, making it very complicated and complex, and is less likely to be found and punished. Like Huang Woo-suk, the father of South Korean Cloning, was suspicious of publishing a paper on the global renowned Journal of Science with fake data. He made up these data to complete an extraordinary paper, by which he hoped to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. His practices is obviously opposite to integrity and ethical standard. Actually, his values had changed to Benthamism and was totally wrong, and he may do whatever he can to achieve his goal. What a shame! However, the case like this is never alone. The tobacco company is trying to deny the harm of smoking, or the pharmaceutical company attempts to exaggerate the effect of drugs. All these happened because their values are misled, which are not allowed in the area of science. In another word. Science is the outward manifestation of integrity and ethical practice. Independence, objectiveness and fairness are connotation of science, and are also requirement for people, scholars and researchers in particular. Science is sure to inform integrity and ethical practice, and thus values. This is a truth that everybody may accept it universally.

Pursuit of excellence is normally an intrinsic requirement or request of science. Normal trains can only run at about 100 miles per hour while high speed bullet trains can ramp up to 250 miles per hour. The purpose is to meet the increasing demand of people who want to spend as less as time on the way. Just as the saying goes, “where there is a demand there is a market”. Scientists’ struggle to be innovative, forge ahead and keep moving motivates the development of science and become a part of human values. The Invention of Internet

has brought people closer all over the world, so those living in less developed regions may have a chance to see the life standard they have dreamed of, which turns into a strong desire for excellence and then values come into being. Despite pursuit of excellence is merely one of the most important of existing human values. Human’s seek for excellence not just focus on life standard, and is shown in sports activities. Athletes wants to run faster, jump higher and throw further, exactly their values once they are engaged in the area. That is why global leading sports goods companies such as Nike and Adidas keep developing sportswear with latest techniques to reduce the air friction and help them extend their bodies. The record will be renewed time and time again while athletes’ spirt never dies with the assistance of scientific progress. Science again proves it can account for human values.

Justice in healthcare is one of human basic rights. That is why the medical industry develops millions of new drugs every year. That is why UN sent several groups of medical assistance to Africa, help people there cure all sorts of difficult miscellaneous diseases. The continuous development of medical science technologies promotes the transform of medical service formats. Facing different diseases, medical workers, including doctors and nursing workers, are aware of the transformation of medical service concept, playing a key role in correct diagnoses and fair treatment of clinical works. World Health Organization argues that human health not only refers to no presence of sickness or feeble phenomena but also a perfect status the mental, the physiological and social happiness. People’s chase for this phase bases on scientific advance and they count on it. In the human society, namely the democratic constitutionalism, the government may strive to educate the public with a higher ability of identifying self-profits by continuously strengthening it. However, common people cannot act like doctors to provide professional assistance. For example, if there is no community doctor, family doctor or insurance company, it is impossible to let the patent become a doctor to judge whether the treatment he/she receives is appropriate, credible or fair. This is associate with human inner values and science makes in come true.

To sum up, human values are closely related to scientific advances and development. As I analyzed above, compassion, respect for persons, commitment to integrity and ethical practice, commitment to excellence, and justice in healthcare represented in human values are the reasons why science exists and develops. There is no reason to deny that science can inform our values.


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