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英国Paper代写:Juvenile delinquency

2019-07-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Juvenile delinquency,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了青少年罪错行为。在青少年的法制教育和道德教育过程中开展心理疏导和矫治工作,既是对青少年罪错行为分析研究的基本需要,也是实现矫治对策的客观需要。在法制教育过程中,矫治工作至关重要,不仅要注重理论知识的灌输,也要更加注重实践部分演练,让罪错青少年从家庭、学校、社会多维的角度改善自我,实现自我,从而降低青少年罪错行为发生率。

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In the process of legal education and moral education of teenagers psychological counseling and treatment work, both for teenagers crime wrong behavior analysis and research of basic needs, but also an objective need to realize correct countermeasure. Juvenile delinquency should be reasonably analyzed so as to maximize their education, probation, and rescue juvenile delinquency. Rectification work in the process of the legal system education is important, not only should pay attention to the theory of knowledge, also should pay more attention to practice some drills, let offence teenagers from family, school, society multidimensional perspective of self-improvement, realize self, so as to reduce the incidence of juvenile crime wrong behavior. The emphasis from the concept of youth and wrong interpretation of sin, juvenile crime psychological cause of wrong behavior, and correcting the problems existing in the process and the countermeasure to correct a few aspects to focus on youth crime wrong behavior and correct, to serve the youth moral education work.

Explains in the encyclopedia in the world, "offence" basic includes three kinds of behavior: "the first category is like theft behavior, if the main body of the behavior is adults, so will be as a crime, the behavior main body is youth is not a crime; The second category is behaviors like alcoholism. If the subject is an adult, it is not an illegal crime. If the subject is a teenager, it is an illegal crime. The third category is violations of social norms by adolescents, whether they are legal or illegal. It can also be understood that the word "sin and error" is only a special word for teenagers.

American scholars such as theft of property crimes, also like to stay out after the curfew or drinking such illegal behavior, also including the violation of the code of ethics, law, all kinds of social organization rules and social customs and habits etc. Bad behavior qualitative for teenagers crime in the wrong category. Japan's juvenile law stipulates that "juvenile delinquency" means juvenile delinquency, including juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquency and juvenile delinquency. China's Taiwan region calls the "juvenile incident" a juvenile crime. However, there are still many differences between domestic experts and scholars on the definition of juvenile delinquency and juvenile delinquency. Some experts and scholars believe that "criminal misconducts are actually crimes against the law, for example, criminal misconducts include crimes against the law, violations of discipline regulations, and violations of social morality". Some experts and scholars believe that the crime and wrong behavior is the social members' behavior of not adapting, resisting or resisting to certain social norms. Wrong behavior such as "the so-called sin, refers to the people of a certain social morality, law, social customs and living standards behavior, social norms, such as resistance or revolt offence behavior is not adapt to the members of society to social norms, resistance and resistance to the reflection of various psychological phenomena such as." And experts and scholars think "sin wrong teenagers from the criminology Angle for a definition of the prevention of juvenile delinquency, refers to the criminal crime and illegal behavior and bad behavior of teenagers, is a general concept, the concept of scope is broad, had later evolved into illegal crime, crime such as child called sin again after fault teenagers". And I think it is from the Angle of the prevention of juvenile delinquency, and put forward the alleged offence of teenagers, this is actually a kind of general interpretation of offence teenagers, mainly refers to the criminal or illegal behavior as well as the bad behavior of adolescents.

Now of college students are in the formation of the outlook on life, values, love key stage, this stage is very easy to corrosion and strong foreign trash culture to accept new things a key stage, while our country is in reform, opening up and the period of social transformation, some with social morality and the phenomenon of college students themselves and the contradiction and the diversification of the values and collided with different extent, such a multicultural conflicts and confusion have to get the channel in time, otherwise easy to translate into negative psychology, promote cause offence behavior. The psychological factors that lead to college students' wrong behaviors are as follows:

Junior college students have this curious mentality blindly, mostly because of their early into the campus, curious about new environment of the university campus is full of infinite, at the same time a small percentage of college students is not establish new goals in life, the traditional concept of bondage, excessive relaxation of college, but pay more attention to low-end vulgar things, not in time to correct and guidance, could easily lead to college students offence.

Many college students after admission, unable to communicate effectively with classmates, drab, interpersonal relationship is hard to collective recognition and acceptance, goal in life and the pursuit of not enough clear, the feeling of loneliness and emptiness, students will develop excessive games at this time, classes, or blind love to eat, drink, play, music and delay their studies.

Statistics show that college students in violation of the rules of the school rules now, cheating in the exam is about 35%, fighting about 15%, and the vanity and speculative mentality is the main psychological factors triggering such offence. Among them, the main crime and wrong behavior is the majority of cheating and fighting in exams. It is precisely because of the mentality of friends, such as righteousness, that they are unable to extricate themselves from their minds.

First of all, strengthening legal concept and education work is the fundamental way to correct juvenile delinquency. Deng xiaoping once said: "now that so many young people crime, lawless, no scruples, the legal system education should start from baby, goes on the primary and secondary school education, also must carry on the education in society." Only let them understand the law from an early age, then they will not break the law. However, nowadays, many teenagers have confused the bad behavior with the crime and wrong behavior of illegal crime, without clearly understanding the relationship between the two. Also because of their age small, mental immaturity, lack of rational thinking, then on the youth should be adapted to the legal system education work, this is also an important means of education.

In terms of the characteristics of the youth group, it has great plasticity, but it has strong resilience and high repeat crime rate, which is one of the difficult problems in front of us. If you are planning to reduce juvenile crime, first of all, from the ideological and moral education, to enhance their consciousness, be good to better treatment for the offence behavior, to cultivate teenagers set up the correct outlook on life, values, world view, and only in this way can better with the rule of law education. In China, he thought moral education of teenagers is ubiquitous, due to the influence of the traditional culture of more than five thousand years in our country, our country people's traditional moral concept is strong, of course effect is also significant. But I think in the future in the process of ideological and moral education into some training practice link, the form of multidimensional, all aspects of the, three-dimensional ideological and moral education, which can promote the youth to sin wrong behavior and awareness of moral education is a more image. The education method that theory and practice work together on teenagers will also make them establish more solid good moral character.

Usually drop out of school youth crime rate is higher, according to incomplete statistics, the low level of culture of the youth crime rate is higher, and idle of juvenile crime rate is the highest, as a result, "offence is youth's lack of cultural education and vocational education, the government should drop out of school for these children to provide the corresponding social existence of vocational education, cultivate their own ability, thus not only lower crime rates, and they can survive and management.

Because adolescents are in puberty, with prominent psychological problems and abnormal behaviors, it is more necessary to carry out correction from psychological consultation and counseling. In addition, because they have experienced "crime and error", they have received corresponding legal punishment, and they are afraid of being discriminated against, self-abasement, even bitterness, and need psychological counseling. Without proper psychological counseling it is likely that they will fall into the abyss of sin and error again. Therefore, psychological counseling and psychological counseling are effective ways to solve the psychological problems of teenagers. Psychological counseling, guidance, and treatments were single and backward in our country, especially the European and American countries abroad, already widely used in the reform of prisoners, and "wrong" behavior of teenagers rectification process, also formed a certain system and mode. Therefore, the quality and quality of psychological counseling and professionals in China should be constantly improved and even strengthened in many aspects.

The transformation and education in practice are extremely important and cannot be ignored. Complete theoretical sermon is dull, tasteless, only on the basis of the theory, practice guidance to "offence" youth, more to participate in public welfare activities, to promote them through real practice experience, perception of what is good behavior, enhance the ideological awareness, so as to constantly consolidate their morality, this age is a key period of shaping personality, so to some extent also make teenagers to form a good character, also strengthened their hands-on work ability, let them know yourself, have ample food and clothing. Based on this, more attention should be paid to the development of social welfare organizations in jilin province, and education awareness should be strengthened.

In order to curb juvenile crime, according to the law of adolescent physical and mental development, should take on teenagers "give priority to in order to prevent and combat is complementary, the combination, and symptoms of the methods to strengthen the education of legal system.

First of all, start from the family, family custody. The family is the place where teenagers spend the most time. As a former battlefield personnel of education, parents should carefully observe their children's daily life and find out problems to guide them. If parents find crime problem, can in time to stop and to carry on the education, it is very beneficial for cultivating teenagers good behavior, so parents should source from crime crackdown on crime.

Secondly, starting from the school, the school should do a good job in the child education rear guarantee. The school should start the work of education from education of moral character and education of legal system, and carry out moral education in combination with practical activities such as summer camp and public welfare activities. From the point of moral education content, the school should be differential treatment in education, according to the character and actual situation, teen age development conforms to the students' physical and mental development and easy to accept the course content, not only promote the moral education and legal education diversification, and strengthen the actual effect of moral and legal education.

Finally, from the society, the society carries on the protection work. All government departments should cooperate closely to understand the bad behavior and environment in society, such as drug abuse, online games and other pollution sources. According to incomplete statistics: there are not a small number of school students who commit crimes, and the proportion is relatively high. Therefore, relevant government departments should thoroughly clean up and rectify the cultural and entertainment industry. To further serve the moral education and legal education of teenagers and create a good environment for their growth.

If the minor crimes in society are not strictly punished and education is not strictly punished, then it is easy to cause serious crimes, which will become the fuse for inducing crimes. Therefore, minor crimes should be promptly and effectively punished and education should be checked from the source of the crime. Therefore, teenagers' education should be universal participation, from the national interests, no dead Angle of 360 degrees to monitor and punish all illegal and criminal behavior, put an end to any crime, so as to better education teenagers law-abiding, do a knowledge, culture, quality, etc.

Nowadays, teenagers develop early and mature early, so it is inevitable that today's initial crime age will be lowered. So which age is more appropriate to be the age of criminal liability between the ages of 14 and 16? According to the legal daily on June 1, 2003, the minor crime is carried out development in our country are reported: "on the one hand, minor crime rate rise year by year, on the other hand, the initial juvenile crime low age is more and more. In jiangsu, for example, 70 per cent of young crimes are committed between the ages of 10 and 13. Although the law is clear, it is still difficult. Article 17, paragraph 4, of the criminal law clearly stipulates: "if no criminal punishment is imposed because he is under the age of 16, his parents or guardians shall be ordered to discipline him; When necessary, they can be taken into custody by the government. But it is not hard to find, really implement the laws and regulations is very difficult to go down, juvenile delinquency is no doubt the guardian improper discipline, result again by the guardian to discipline this isn't climb a tree to look for fish? What about all of them being institutionalized by the government? Because many factors such as funds are restricted, it is difficult to cover them all. The teenagers who face these repeat offenders must be strongly education to get them out of the crime. The United States, the United States and other countries have lowered the age of criminal responsibility in dealing with juvenile delinquency.

In the laws of the rest of the world, deprivation of personal freedom and even life will be punished by law. However, in China's public security departure, labor education and legal provisions, the penalty is divided into three parts. In the actual process of punishment by law enforcement, put the most difficult to really work here, not only increase the law enforcement work burden, also failed to carry out the judicial supervision and function, leads to laws and regulations execution quality is not high. Even some criminal cases to deal with civil disputes, also some money for punishment, these practices cannot fundamentally to punish and deter illegal ACTS in the society, adolescent mental immature, easily influenced by society, cause them to the abyss of crime. Therefore, we should continuously perfect the penal system, establishing and perfecting the laws and regulations, especially teenagers aspects of laws and regulations, improve the quality of case handling, to crack down on crime, for young people to provide a green and safe social environment, social order and stability.

To sum up: maximum support and correcting SINS teenagers and analyzed the wrong wrong behavior is a systematic and complex great project, not only need with government support, the whole society to participate. And need to build multidimensional perspective of family, school, society all-round cooperation and hard work, and with the increase of public service system and democratization process, more and more public welfare organizations are also all into the wrong in the treatments of the youth and education work, the regulatory role of the government departments should be timely to supervise and urge on social evils, purify the social atmosphere, also can through to develop ethical culture lecture hall to offence teenagers education work, shaping a good youth healthy growth environment. It is of great significance to follow up the moral education work of juvenile delinquents.




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