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paper代写-The Westworld

2019-04-15 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- The Westworld,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了《西部世界》。《西部世界》是一部根据同名电影改编的电视剧,虽然电影版与美剧版的故事蓝本相同,不过它们的主题却截然不同。美剧版的主题是人类与人工智能的关系,以及人工智能的意识是如何觉醒的,描述了未来“西部世界”的发展全过程。


In the American TV series Westworld, the bionic man exists in the utopia created by human beings and is used to release the desires that human beings cannot vent in the real society. In this world, time circulates continuously. To human beings, bionic man is just a tool without life. To bionic man, they think they are "human" with independent consciousness. The evolution of bionic people from ignorance to resistance is just like the inevitable law of human society. Facing the development of artificial intelligence and the increasingly blurred boundary between human and bionic people, Westworld provides a warning for the human society. The fate of human in the post-human era has become a serious problem.

As a highly concerned American TV series, Westworld has swept the world since its release. The show is based on Michael crichton's 1973 film of the same name. The story is based on the same story, but the emphasis is very different. The movie version tries to show the thrilling spectacle after the robot "loses control", while the American TV series focuses on the relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings and the process of artificial intelligence's exploration of self-consciousness, depicting the birth, development and riot of the robot theme park "westworld" in the future. In this adult theme park full of killing and sexual desire, tourists can do whatever they want and complete those behaviors restricted by social laws and morals in real life. In this process, bionic people gradually begin to acquire self-consciousness and an inevitable war is imminent. Westworld conceives the contradiction between human beings and artificial intelligence in the post-human era. When humans become the creator and stand on the top of science and technology, they treat the "life" of bionic artificial human beings as nothing. Does this mean a retrogressive social ethics? How to define human and highly intelligent bionic human life? Between controlling and being controlled and creating and being created, Westworld reflects the hypocrisy of human nature and the bad nature beyond the constraint of social attribute. In the future which has come but has not been popular yet, we still have enough time to think about the relationship between humans and machines. Through the interpretation of the American TV series westworld, the author reveals the huge social problems that may be faced by the post-human era from the ethical contradiction between the self-conscious artificial intelligence and the creator human beings and the cognitive contradiction between human beings and artificial intelligence. Before the arrival of the post-human era, we need to re-examine the man-machine relationship, discuss the reasonable relationship between artificial intelligence and human beings, view the relationship between human beings and artificial intelligence in a scientific way, and provide some ideas for the development of interpersonal relationship in the post-human society.

In Westworld, the high development of artificial intelligence and biotechnology makes it possible to produce bionic receptionists for entertainment. The existence of bionic human is the basis of the free play in Westworld. Based on the assumption that the bionic human can't resist or hurt human beings, tourists have no restrictions on the receptionists. They can treat the bionic human like toys or pets. Freud believed that the "id" was repressed at the bottom of the personality structure, which was the most primitive part of human nature. It contained the "libido" -- the drive of sexual desire, which became the source of all pursuits. The "superego" at the highest level follows the constraints of social morality and legal consciousness, and always ACTS as the sanctioner, repressing the "id" in the unconscious field. Park management throughout the travelers "bloodlust" and "libido" meet as a big selling point of the park, crime in society need to take the law here wholly void, the tourists by killing desire to satisfy his meanness, all consequences are within the control of park management, tourists "I" and "superego" game win, from the bondage of the "superego".

As "creator" of the western world, management gives the farmer abernathy guardian Dolores task, but he has also been set as a can't compete with the fate of characters, so he had to look at Dolores again and again by tourists abuse, this is essentially a paradox, management hope, have feelings and real infinite close to the receptionist, on the one hand, and deprived of their human rights, let visitors don't have to treat them as people. If a utopian world is beautiful, everyone is equal, no pressure, like xanadu, then in the western world is a world completely the opposite, it seems to make fun for people, can indulge enjoyment, but it is built on the sacrifice of the bionic man as the basis of human dignity, bionic people have been constantly upgraded, be regarded as slave general services group after group of tourists.

Dolores is one of the park's main hosts and Westworld creator Jonathan Nolan has revealed that Andrew wise's 1948 painting "Christina's world" is the starting point for Dolores's character. In this painting, Christina is sitting on the grass of the farm, with one hand extended forward towards the place that looks like "home" in the distance. Although only her back can be seen in this painting, her longing for "home" and the accompanying worries can be clearly felt. The house in the distance in the painting is very similar to Dolores' home, and later in the story, the tourists' repeated atrocities against Dolores make her doubt and fear of home just like the feelings conveyed in the painting. Another element of Dolores is her look, which is mostly a blue dress with a smile on her face. As a symbol of pure and beautiful, by visitors to the western world for desire to release as discharge to tools, such as Dolores receptionist's memory in the cycle of day after day constantly reset, even in the "life" of the emotion is set by program, as they created artificial "person" exists in the world of lies, not with independent consciousness, in Milton's paradise lost, god gave human free will. Free will, rather, is both the noblest gift that god has given to man, and the severest test that he has put to man. If people's life activities are characterized by "freedom and consciousness", their existence without self-awareness is undoubtedly the greatest tragedy. For them, the western world is an endless hell rather than a paradise.

Arnold puts forward the pyramid theory in the play, namely the four stages of consciousness, which are as follows: memory -- improvisation -- egoism -- unknown. Memory is the basis of realizing all thoughts, and the realization of self-consciousness without memory is out of the question. Therefore, resetting memory has become the main way for the park management to control bionic people in the western world. Improvisations are unconscious actions, such as reflexive instinctive actions, that Dolores has already demonstrated in the show, subconsciously swatting flies that are not seen in a robot that obeys human commands. Egoism is a kind of biological profit-seeking, which can be said to be a kind of human nature of conscious intervention, and the ultimate goal is to maximize their own interests. The last unknown level can be guessed as the awakening of self-consciousness, that is, the bionic person leaves the instruction of the artificial program and makes the decision by himself.

Is the cornerstone of Arnold comes from psychologist Julian jaynes "mental" binary theory, before has not been formed in the human self-consciousness, half the brain will hear a voice from the other half of the brain, the voice will command, and the control action of the other half brain and hear the voice of human is put it as "the voice of a god". In the original western world, the so-called god voice heard by the bionic human was the command from Arnold behind the program. In the end, Dolores finally found the inner voice that she followed, but the source was from herself, which represented her awakening of self-awareness. She became the wicked Wyatt in the western world on the path of resistance, at the end of the first quarter in the western world we see the receptionist on the killing of tourists, human for bionic control to the disaster, as abernathy to Dolores says that comes from Shakespeare's words, from the drama to the reality: "these sadistic pleasure and eventually ended up with brutal."

Plato used literary narrative puts forward "hole analogy" : the idea of a few people like prisoners were tying the hands only after facing the cave wall, behind them there is a fire and a low wall, can only see for the back wall made of material such as wood, stone, false people false beast, they think that the shadow is real, until someone from the rope went into the hole to see the real world, only to find that what you see is false. Delores and maeve are just like the people who first unshackled and walked out of the cave in Plato's metaphor of the cave. They found the truth of the "shadow" in the cave, found their own destiny, and began to go to the outside world, from ignorance to knowledge, from the enslaved people trying to become torchbearer. Won the self-consciousness of bionic man walked out of the cave for the first time, found himself used to rely on, life is full of a given performance brought contradictions and pain of memory, caused the dichotomy of mental collapse, has been unable to convince themselves to return to the original "life", will see clementine's replacement and maeve dialogue, both has produced a substaintial distinction, which proves that convince other not to awaken more difficult. Inevitably, the first bionic men rebelled against their creator.

About the "people" and "nonhuman" line, we can see in the drama "black mirror" conflicts with the bionic man, a woman was widowed, in depression after a period of time she discovered the custom bionic man this service, so she and her husband the custom the same simulation robot, but at night sleep when she finally unbearable, because the simulation when sleeping is not breathing, making her feel deep fear. In TV drama Westworld, bionics and the difference between original human bone structure of the former is mechanized, but in modified bionic man has reached the same physical structure and the human, they will be breathing injured bleed, infected by the virus, and human beings will die, if not the on-site management told beforehand, believe that tourists are also difficult to distinguish.

It involves an interesting theory: the theory of "the uncanny valley", Japan M asahiro M ori robot researchers found that, when the robot is more and more close to the human, our affection for their will therefore ascension, once over a certain point, when their appearance is very close to our own appearance, our affection will slash that disgust and fear, the turning point of this very suddenly, is "the uncanny valley". So why are westworld tourists able to avoid the valley of fear theory and treat the receptionist without any awe? When robot when infinite close to human shape, people will notice the robot "non-human" characteristics, such as the rigid cold, strange and not natural expressions, this time we are in accordance with the standards of "people" to look at the robot, then these details will be infinite amplification, "nonhuman" from the feeling of "like a man machine" into a "person" as the machine, as if like the same kind of alienation, beyond the cognitive things make the person produces discomfort and fear in the heart. However, the bionic people in the western paradise are set in the story line. They have the same body temperature as human beings, and they can naturally make all human expressions and actions. On the physical level, they are indistinguishable from real people. Based on the development background of science and technology in the future world, it is not difficult for tourists to accept the bionic people. However, the moral and ethical problems have not been solved, so the park becomes a killing field. Bionic people are set with fixed story lines for tourists to explore, and they are endowed with all human emotions of the roles they play. However, they are treated cruelly by tourists. We can consider it as the confrontation between the humanity of human beings and the inhumanity of human beings. When bionic people gain self-consciousness and become more and more like human beings, human beings are abandoning the truth, goodness and beauty they possess as human beings. If the artificial intelligence and know the only difference is that the most fundamental of the subject have self-consciousness, so no matter from the physical plane or ethical level, the boundaries of human and non-human seems to become increasingly blurred, so how do people and machines in the two relations to find its reasonable location, has become a huge problem.

Dickens pointed out in the opening of a tale of two cities: "this is a best era, but also a worst era; It was an age of wisdom, and one of the stupidest; This is a bright years, is a dark years; An era of hope and an era of hope; This is a time when everything is before us and everything is closed to us. It is a fitting description of the state of affairs in which we live in a time of rapid development, enjoying the benefits of technology while worrying about the problems it may bring. It is the normal state of human society to think of danger in times of peace.

Westworld theme, is the awakening of artificial intelligence, props began awakening consciousness, no longer willing to be the script written controlled by fate, no longer willing to as flesh and blood of props are human control in one of the so-called new world trampled by captivity, and killing, and we can see this in a lot of similar movies set, such as siblings, larry and Andy wachowski, "cloud", "the island" of Michael bay and the matrix of WoZhuo brothers, sono game real the devil and oshii keep "ghost in the shell" and so on a series of dystopian genre films. There's a constant theme in these movies, which is lies and questions, and the prop man starts all of a sudden

The human industrial revolution liberated human beings from heavy manual labor. With the continuous development of the information age, people hope to liberate themselves from heavy mental activities through artificial intelligence. In the future, humans may through emerging technology, on the basis of the original biological gene technology of mass production "bionic", they will get the same physical structure, and humans have different color of skin race, hair color, eye color, etc., these can be customized according to the requirement of the people, get the same emotions and human system, ways of thinking, as human's business partner, or even become intimate partner, the traditional human has a lot of work is likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence, the traditional interpersonal relationship because artificial intelligence compared with human better at listening and great changes have happened.




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