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英国Paper代写:Modern interior space soft decoration

2019-03-14 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Modern interior space soft decoration,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了现代室内空间软装饰。软装饰,通常是指装修完毕之后,利用那些易于更换、变动位置的装饰物而进行的搭配。软装饰艺术起源于现代的欧洲,也称之为 “现代艺术”或“装饰派艺术”,软装饰实际上是在室内装饰的基础上分离出来的一个独立学科,它既可以被看作是一个独立的新兴的艺术门类,又跟其他的一些设计艺术存在着既定的联系。

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In the modern interior space design, with the continuous improvement of people's living standard and aesthetic accomplishment is and the trend of change in time, soft adornment as the mainstream of interior decoration design, more and more get the favor of stylist and owner. It embodies the state of a new life, to create a more comfortable and harmonious living environment, soft adornment as make the finishing point of the indoor space design, in the modern space design play an immeasurable role.

When it comes to soft decoration, many people will ask, what does soft decoration contain? Soft adornment, usually refers to after decorating, use those easy change, change the location of the decorations for the match, such as furniture, carpet, curtain, cloth art, painting article, sculpture, lighting, flower art, and decorative arts and crafts, a second display and layout of interior space, as shown in figure 1. It broke the traditional concept of decoration, not involving the indoor hard part change in large area, and the match just is the art of using a range of products to build we want to achieve in the interior decoration style, we can according to the season, the change of working environment and mood, and a series of factors and change or adjust the adornment style of the space, for space atmosphere, taste, soft adornment art style, artistic conception, can have very good foil effect.

Soft adornment art originated in the modern Europe, also known as "modern art" or "art deco", soft adornment is, in fact, on the basis of interior decoration isolated an independent discipline, it can be seen as an independent new category of art, and with some of the other design art there are established. China's soft decoration was born after the reform and opening up, with the unprecedented prosperity and development of interior decoration art.

At first, people in pursuit of interior decoration luxurious tend to adopt the way of decoration materials piled up, and a lot of hard outfit decoration materials piled up tend to some adverse influence on the owner's health, therefore in the modern space decoration design, we tend to choose the principle of "light is repaired, heavy adornment" to carry on the design, so the development of the soft adornment has a wider space.

Soft adornment development degree and consumption and a country's overall economic level and aesthetic level directly proportional, in some economically developed countries, soft adornment has maintained a huge share of the consumer, and at home, with the rapid development of our country economy and the continuous improvement of living standard, consumers' life taste and consumption style is also constantly improve, chasing life character, pursue the quality of life, chasing the lifestyle, soft adornment to an unprecedented development, consumer demand stimulated the development of the industry, more and more soft decoration professional design agencies and soft accessories manufacturers have begun to emerge.

According to the statistics show that more than 30 provincial cities in China, nearly four hundred l7 cities, nearly three thousand county-level cities, soft adornment consumption ability is as high as two thousand to two thousand yuan, the lack of even a hundreds of population of the county, soft adornment of consumption ability is not less than ten million yuan. China social survey in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin, wuhan and other advanced populated city household decorate and soft adornment special survey conducted by the questionnaire indicated that indoor soft adornment will become the new trend in China.

Chinese style is based on the interior design of palace of bright qing dynasty to the development of an art deco style, with traditional Ming and qing dynasties furniture or a fusion of traditional and modern furniture with Chinese style lasting appeal, adornment is characterized with Chinese national features, embody the beauty of elegance and simplicity.

Southeast Asia style with rich tropical amorous feelings, show the natural plain, static from leisure elegant atmosphere, exquisite manual with color more the cane makes up furniture extremely local characteristics of Thai silk pillow, filled with a gauze curtain four-poster bed, wonderful artical excelling nature of woodcarving and modelling lifelike bergamot, tin and resin carve patterns or designs on woodwork with delicate do manual work, the adornment design of most national characteristics, present a picture of a mysterious alien picture scroll.

Rural England and American countryside style points, British rural furniture is concise and easy, generally was not decorated too much, but a preference for the floral, grid cloth art to an extreme, nostalgic ceramics, wrought iron or copper lamps and lanterns, gorgeous flower art make plain rustic. The American country is a kind of nostalgic emphasize natural life the adornment style of qualitative feeling, solid wood heavy with time sense of copy old lacquer furniture, cotton and hemp qualitative cloth art, present a pure and beautiful natural tonal. Compared with the English countryside, the American countryside lacks a little pomp and a sense of historical precipitation.

The Mediterranean style is full of bright colors, the sun, sea, sand, blue sky, lake blue, earth yellow and red brown interweave together, with strong local ethnic color. Circular arch, brush paint do old furniture, as if by sea and the wind erosion of the white wall, cotton fabric, with a light touch pattern earthen reddish-brown floor tile, draw the outline of the pure beauty of the Mediterranean and romance.

Europe type style emphasizes on color contrast color apply, such as the classic black, white, silver is tie-in, do manual work is delicate with western amorous feelings is generally selected crystal lamp, s exquisite furniture, with gorgeous tableware table, thick with patterns of the European flower carpet, curtain, with luxury curtain head modern abstract painting, the simple but elegant flower delicate vessels.

Neoclassicism style with modern materials and technique to restore the classical temperament is a kind of adornment style, it is not only the inheritance of classical culture, and provides a concise modern design methods, with modern aesthetic to create classical romantic charm.

Modern style USES contracted line to build the space that white space, color is concise and dry, the adornment element that the color of same material of the same material is different is crossed use, concise and practical are the main feature of contemporary style. Modern style is the product of today's fast-paced life, as the small family housing market popularity, space utilization has become an aspect of interior decoration, priority, in a small area of the space to build a simple way of life seems to have become a kind of fashion, become the ways of decoration in the toast to a younger generation.

In modern interior space design, "soft adornment" and "hard adornment" cannot be isolated, the two mutually permeate in design. Such as hard outfit design using stone, wood, cement, glass, ceramic tile and other materials and soft outfit design of textile is overlapping, contrast each other, they sometimes also can replace each other.

Soft adornment element with its own color, texture, design and so on give a person to create different contrast and harmony in visual and tactile sense. Take the Chinese style as an example, the Chinese are particular about the mean, so the Chinese style as a whole reflects softness and elegance. A move would choose some Chinese style of the ancients of the improved modern Chinese style furniture, furniture or furniture of cushions, pillows and pillow reasonable design can make the finishing point of adornment effect, the soft outfit element can be a space where intense color contrast, is effective not only for furniture adornment effect, had a refreshing role in whole space, have very strong adornment sex. In the aspect of art furnishing articles, often choose some porcelain or lacquer painting flowers and so on, these works of art in color, texture and pattern embodies the characteristics of Chinese culture, its strong color and contrast in interior space plays an important role on the deck.

The modern interior space design is not only the practical function that considers the space relatively purely, but the cultural connotation that pays attention to space and artistic conception and the construction of feeling inside the heart. In the case of the curtain, the curtain is one of the element of indoor soft adornment is very important, with the improvement of people's material and cultural standard, the curtain is no longer a simple is defined as the adjust indoor light and temperature, as well as shading dustproof tools, and became the foil atmosphere is an important element of interior design, the curtain of the window curtain design, can reflect master grade and be fond of, or noble elegant, concise and easy, or richly heavy and complicated, or relaxed romance and so on. Screens in the interior atmosphere of the build is bearing the important role, as thin as cicada high-quality gauze shade with a certain color trend, to bring a little hazy with different styles of decoration space comfortable feeling, this kind of dim and comfortable feeling in some unique regional style adornment performance will be particularly.

Soft decoration also occupies an extremely important component in modern interior space design style. Curtain fabric color and design embodies the different decoration style, the elegant European style big, or the color gorgeous garden flower, or relatively rational stripes or geometric patterns can create a different style of space. The flower type color and style that holds pillow cushion for leaning on also affects the space adornment style likewise, the pattern of carpet and color also show different regional style. Decoration and crafts features is especially on style orientation, different geographical characteristics bring up different culture, adornment and characteristic is a form of representation of culture, arts and crafts and decoration, and crafts of content and color of interior space decoration style plays a certain decision function.

Soft adornment as a force for emerging gradually occupied the adornment of modern thinking, more and more attention of interior designers and focuses on the design of soft adornment, more and more owners hope to enjoy the soft adornment brings warmth and comfort of life, as part of the modern interior space design cannot be ignored, in the new historical period, soft adornment will get a new promotion and development.




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