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Paper代写:An Account of the Nazi Brutality against Jews

2018-02-03 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- An Account of the Nazi Brutality against Jews,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了纳粹对犹太人的暴行。反犹太人的思想比第二次世界大战的起源要早得多,可以追溯到纳粹在1933年占领德国。自那时起,德国就在发展一个有组织的反犹太主义计划。同年,所有的犹太公务员都失去了政府、军队和执法部门的工作。在接下来的几年里,犹太人被歧视、孤立、殴打、折磨和杀害。


The brutality of Nazis against Jews from the 1930s to the 1940s was unprecedented in modern human history. The anti-Jew idea originated far earlier than the initiation of WWII, tracing back to when Nazis took control of Germany in 1933 (Britannica School, 2017). An organized anti-Semitism program was under development in Germany ever since. In the same year, all Jewish civil servants lost their jobs from government, army and law enforcement forces. Although the killing of Jews seemed to have gone through a sudden acceleration from 1939, the years preceding it is equally important as they form the complete picture of how Jews wet from being discriminated, robbed, isolated, to being beaten, tortured, and killed.

As written by Hitler in 1919, “Rational anti-Semitism, however, must lead to systematic legal opposition.…Its final objective must unswervingly be the removal of the Jews altogether.” This has shown that the nature of persecution against Jews had been determined back then. It then explains the scale of the program and the “efficiency” of it, as there were clear guidelines for the extinction of the Jews from the very beginning. The Jews were identified, according to a policy in 1935, as the Germans with over one Jewish grandparent. This had labeled millions of Germans as Jews. Another key point that determined the fate of many Jews were the nature of the hatred from Nazis. Since they regarded Jews as a race rather than a religious group, the chance of religious conversion was out of the question (Britannica School, 2017). Therefore, Jews were regarded as an intrinsically inferior and evil race by the Nazis. The racism developed into a cult for the Nazis, which directly led to the tragedy of holocaust years later.

For Nazis, Jews were regarded as lesser beings, no matter what profession, nationality, or achievements they had (Frank, 1993). Numerous restrictions were put on Jews since the 1930s, including the confiscation of their bicycles, prohibition to use streetcars or ride in cars, even if they owned the cars themselves. There were certain hours of the day when Jews were allowed to shop. Beyond those hours, they were forbidden from shops. In addition, Jews were also not allowed on the streets between 8 P.M. and 6 A.M. they were banned from all forms of entertainment as well, including theaters, movies, swimming, etc. According to the diary of Anne Frank, the life for a Jewish teenager like herself was showing no hope at all. she created her own sphere that isolated herself from the brutality of the outside world, as a form of self-protection. In that sphere, Anne was still able to dream of the future like what teenagers normally do. However, she had little idea that personality and dreams for Jews no longer mattered. The only thing that determined their fate was the identity of Jew, as they were considered more like a collective being than individuals. The anger and sadness of younger Jews were not heard by any help.

As Hitler’s policy with Jews began to implement in Germany, the treatment for Jews in Germany went from bad to worse. Initially, a sense of racism was expressed by the people in increasingly bold manners. By 1938, Jews were not allowed in most of the professions. Nazis went to extremism in the treatment of Jews, further lowing the social status of them. The religion of Jews was not respected, as Judaism churches, known as synagogues, were burned (Spiegelman, 2011). Jews were treated more like animals than human beings, commonly beaten on the streets for no reason by Aryans. The “superior” race treated Jews like a disease of the society and was full of unjustified hatred. They believed that Jews were dangerous to the society as they posed a threat to Aryans. An Aryan mother would spread the hatred against Jews further to her children, using Jews to scare and discipline them. They would say something like: “Be careful! A Jew will catch you with a bag and eat you”. The absurdity of such lies reflects how ignorant and racist the German Aryans were.

With the defeat of Poland in 1939, the fate of Jews in Germany was accelerating towards death. Initially, all the Jews who were registered in the government were forbidden to leave their residences. Violation of this order would result in death penalty (Wiesel, 2013). Jews were then forced to surrender all their gold, jewelry, and other valuables as they were not allowed to own any. The authority robbed them of all valuable possession they had. It became mandatory for all Jews to wear the yellow star at all times, a further means of discrimination and isolation for them. A trend of increasing violence in the treatment of Jews was beginning to show. Firstly, some people set fire on the Jewish properties. In the process of relocation, the police were also allowed to beat the Jews who did not obey. According to Wiesel (2013), Jewish woman received several blows to the head by a group of young men only for screaming in fear.

The original lives of Jews were completely destroyed during WWII in Germany. Losing their social power and basic human right, many no longer felt like a functioning adult. In towns all over Germany, Jews were being expelled by other residents. their original businesses and properties were confiscated by the government and taken over by “Aryan managers”. The social status of Jews was even lower than Polish war prisoners, who were protected by the international laws (Spiegelman, 2011). However, there was practically no force of intervention to protection the Jews from persecution, further making their lives worthless in Germany. A Jew in Germany faced danger to be killed in the streets. For those Aryans who found the brutality against Jews confusing, they sought religion for the answer (Wiesel, 2013). Many accepted the idea that the actions against Jews were the will of God. The Jews were only paying for the sins they committed, and it was only time of redemption for them.

Separation of Jews from the rest of began in the early 1940s, not only in Germany, but also in Poland. The Jews from Poland, Sosnowiec for example, were relocated by the German administration by 1942, while the rest to separate locations (Spiegelman, 2011). The difference in location further led to the different treatment of different races. Jewish prisoners were often constrained in a very small space in large numbers, which further shows the violation of their human rights. To accommodate the large number of Jews from different parts of the country, some temporary camps were built which lacked both food and toilet. Thousands of people had to be squeezed into small rooms, which suffocated many. However, this was only the beginning of their nightmares. With the adoption of Hydrogen Cyanide Gas in mass murder, concentration camps were built, mostly in Poland for the holocaust. These camps were used for killing since 1942.

Holocaust was one of the biggest crimes committed by Nazi Germany during WWII. The entire operation of the holocaust was highly organized since the very beginning, showing that Hitler had had it planned for a very long time. Over six million Jews were killed in the holocaust, including men, women and even children. Those who were not killed died of torturing and hard labor in the concentration camps (Britannica School, 2017). The holocaust was referred to as the “final solution to the Jewish question” by Nazi Germany. The things that happened in the concentrations camps were simply abominable. Jews were being starved in the camps with no food for days. The living conditions for them were worse than for animals. A father was holding on to his life for days, just to see his daughter’s mitzvah. However, after days of suffering, he was still defeated by death in front of her daughter (Levy, 2017). The existing stories are only a tiny fraction of what happened told by the few survivors, still the brutality of the concentration camps is beyond the imagination of any conscience human being.

Inside the concentration camps were exactly what living hells would look like. In Theresienstadt, Czechoslovakia (Levine, 2001), Jews from different countries were imprisoned in the camp there since 1941. The Jews slept in twos to fours in bunk beds, on straw mattresses that were riddled with bedbugs and lice. They were only given thin, dirty blankets to cover themselves at night. Diseases such as diphtheria, scarlet fever and typhus were common in the camp. There was no adequate supply of food, sometimes nothing at all. many prisoners died of “natural causes” starved to death. Although there were many doctors among the prisoners, they were not allowed to treat the ill. Delousing of prisoners were only seen necessary when it threatened the health of the German soldiers. Fear was even more dreadful than the physical conditions, as death would come in all unexpected ways (Levine, 2001). In addition to people dying of starvation and disease, the healthy prisoners were often killed for trivial reasons. For example, some were hanged for their “improper” behavior in front of a Nazi officer. some got shot for not raising their hats quickly enough in the presence of Nazi officers, others for not sewing their yellow stars on their clothes properly. These were all considered “political crimes”. Fear became the most destructive weapon against the minds of the prisoners, making them feel like living corpses all the time.

Auschwitz, Poland was among the most notorious concentration camps that killed over one million of Jews. In his memoir, Primo Levi told the experience of surviving in Auschwitz (Levi, 2013). Although most of the Jews were robbed of their valuables, some still managed to keep the smallest of possessions: a handkerchief, a letter, a photo of loved ones. these possessions had become the evidence of their humanity, which seemed like another lifetime away. the tortures in the camp has increased the value of these possessions to the prisoners, making the pain and suffering less unbearable. The hard labor and constant starvation quickly wiped out any past and future of the prisoners, extracting every ounce of humanity out of them before they die, either of “natural causes”, “political causes”, or the gas chambers.

The killing in the concentration camps accelerated in 1944 as Nazis learned that they days were numbered. With the liberation of Poland in1945, the truth of the concentration camps was finally revealed. Among the groups killed by Nazis, there were also Gypsies, the homosexual, war prisoners and people who held different political ideas in occupied countries. The history from 1933 to 1945 has shown a complete course of the persecution against Jews, which should not be easily forgotten by people living in peace and freedom.


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