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Paper代写:The characteristics of new media language

2018-01-05 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- The characteristics of new media language,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了新媒体语言的特色。新媒体是通过互联网、无线通信网、有线网络等渠道,以电脑、手机等为终端,向用户提供信息的新媒体形态。新媒体语言即新媒体在传播新闻时所使用的语言,具有新颖前卫的特点,经常使用网络新词、流行语等,生动活泼、新鲜有趣。新媒体相比传统纸媒,语言风格更自由、更开放。新媒体新闻报道往往表达强烈感情,所以口语化特点显著。

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Compared with the traditional paper media, the new media as a new strength, with its distinctive features gradually evolved into an irreversible trend, to the paper media brought great impact. Based on the comparison between mobile news client and traditional paper media, this paper analyzes the difference and reason between new media and traditional paper medium.

New media is the use of digital technology, network technology, mobile technology, through the Internet, wireless communication network, cable network and other channels, to the computer, mobile phone and so on as the terminal, to provide users with information on the new media form. New media language is the language used by new media to disseminate news, including text, numbers, charts, audio, video, and so on. With the development of new media, new media language gradually break through the traditional language norms, in grammar, sentence form, vocabulary and other aspects of the formation of different from the traditional paper media variation characteristics.

New media language has the characteristics of novel avantgarde, often use the internet new words, popular words, abbreviations, dialect homophonic, lively, fresh and interesting.

To express the idea of sailing together, refreshing and easy to attract attention, to a large extent, in line with the young people's reading habits.

This feature is also reflected in the frequent use of abbreviations and dialect homophonic. June 24, 2016, News of Britain's departure from the European Union shocked the world, Chinese new media have used the acronym "de-Europe" to carry out news reports. The word "de ou" is concise, novel and Avantgarde, and quickly becomes the preferred term for new media to report this news.

Comparatively speaking, the traditional paper-making words often only do objective statement of facts, do not tend to choose and "about", "good self-willed" similar network popular language. In recent years, although there is a reference to the trend, such as "The Queen ' after the first appearance" and other news expression, but also add quotes to express the reference, showing the strict authority of the newspaper language style.

New media not only use words, but also use numbers, expressions, pictures, sounds, video and other forms of transmission of information, breaking the boundaries between the traditional media, the spread of diverse forms, the effect of three-dimensional multidimensional.

On the other hand, new media often use multiple graphs, photos and video of the way to report news, such as the transmission of heavy rain in Wuhan after the city waterlogging, waterlogging situation, micro-letters, micro-blog often released photos, restore the scene of the real situation, scene shocking; British youth revolt "off Europe" parade is directly released short video, from sound, image, The text displays the scene in many aspects, the content is true, rich and has the extremely impact, stimulates the audience's senses comprehensively. And these, is the traditional paper media only use words to create a strong effect.

The new media is more relaxed, freer and more open than the traditional paper medium. New Media news reports often express strong feelings, so the colloquial characteristics of the obvious. Paper media such as the newspaper language is extremely strict and highly professional.

Paper media headlines generally have the main vice, the title of the sentence neatly, with the word rhyme elegant. But the new media news topic because appears the spoken language, the exclamation number and so on, to pay attention to the neat rhyme did not give the corresponding importance.

The above paper media and new media on the same news title comparison, we can clearly see that the newspaper title sentence neatly, with the word standard, sentence structure integrity, showing the paper media language has always been normative and professional. But the new media report uses the word very colloquial, does not pay attention to the antithesis neat and the main subtitle's cent, lacks the normative and the specialized sex.

The majority of the new media and the traditional paper media are all educated, the higher cultural quality makes them have the strong demand to the news information, but prefers the new media reading for the city's young inhabitant, their life rhythm is fast, the reading time is limited, has pursues the fashionable, the fresh psychology tendency, therefore many habits fast, Fragmented reading. Paper media by many of the older generation of intellectuals or elite, such as party and party cadres, old teachers, business leaders, and so on, they have developed the habit of reading printed publications when they are young, more active in the intervention of information, often have the right time and place for a long time to read slowly.

The new media communication is based on network, the network extremely strong transmission speed, the massive information content, the free expression space causes the new media language to have the novel Avantgarde, the information is rich and the freedom characteristic. The new media audience is not only the recipient, but also the role transformation, as a participant. As an interactive media, the Internet, by virtue of its technical advantages, has changed the spread of the "point opposite" between the communicator and the audience, the Netizen and the journalist, the editor can exchange ideas at any time, free from the geographical and place restrictions. This "a little bit more", horizontal and vertical interwoven diversified interactive relations make the Internet users have the opportunity to change the "journalist" release news, so the language used by new media inevitably has the psychological tendencies and narrative habits of netizens, that is, the pursuit of novel Avantgarde, more use of online popular language, abbreviations, expressions; Internet users have not systematically received the professional training of news reports, many times the news is abrupt, resulting in the new Media news report free, with colloquial tendency.

Traditional newspaper media, based on the print media, has great limitations. Regular paper media specifications fixed, limited capacity, if you want to carry more content in a limited space, precision will become the consistent pursuit of paper media language. In addition, because of the limited capacity, so often reduce the appearance of pictures, mainly in words, which is also the traditional form of paper media expression of a single reason.

New media belonging to the emerging media, with the advent of the Internet in the late 20th century and the emergence of the popular, and with the transfer of discourse rights and the formation of new public opinion field, the network has become the most important carrier of the formation of various social public opinion. But it also has some important problems, such as short development time, limited experience and imperfect standard. China's new media legislation is not complete, the press for the new media industry norms are not sound, inadequate supervision, leading to new media language lack of authority, professionalism, often ignoring the use of vocabulary, grammar norms, showing the characteristics of free and open, and sometimes the news content is widely disseminated through new media without verification.

In contrast, the development of paper media has a long history, has a wealth of experience, with a fixed way of distribution, with a fixed audience, industry norms sound, professional requirements, the level of news reporting is far from the new media. Most of the current newspapers have a long history and are sponsored by the party and government departments, which have influence and prestige in the masses, which embodies that the language of the newspaper reporting conforms to the professional norms and requirements.

The new media and the paper newspapers and periodicals media language each has the characteristic, the good and bad both, but may be certain, the traditional paper media will not disappear along with the new media fast development, but the two mutually complement each other, common development. Text, journalists should grasp the characteristics of both accurately, in different environments Select, use the appropriate form of expression, convey information.




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