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Paper代写:Stay White in costume modeling

2017-12-05 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Stay White in costume modeling,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了服装造型中的留白。留白指的是艺术创作中画面的空白,凸显画面中的主体,给别人丰富的想象空间。而服装造型中的空间留白,主要是指由服装造型的内空间产生的留白效果,这种留白也可以产生好似未完成的效果,引发人们的猜想。

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The word "stay white" originates from the traditional Chinese painting, borrowed to the clothing modelling middle finger not complete "shape". Incomplete shape, present in the eyes of the viewer is an incomplete and incomplete state, so that the viewer to play a rich imagination, to supplement and restore, so as to greatly improve the degree of arousal of consciousness. Clothing modeling through the incomplete left white, the layout leaves the white, the space to leave the white as well as the physique to be unable to explain the wonderful feeling, with "no" to release "has", endows the clothing modelling abstruse and the huge plasticity, thus forms a kind of shape God both, the empty NA million boundary esthetic appeal and the artistic expression.

The word "stay white" originates from Chinese traditional painting, also known as "blank", "Yu Yu". It refers to the painting and calligraphy art in the creation of the blank screen. This blank can give the whole picture the beauty of artistic conception, the layout of the United States, can highlight the picture of the main body. And the blank is left to the viewer rich imagination space. As one of the traditional artistic expression methods, the white space is widely used in the fields of painting, literature and music. In the art of painting, the white expression is a part of the blank area between the parts and the part, in the music is the pause between the musical notes, in the literary works in the form of ellipsis, so that some blanks can cause different degrees of pause. It is because of these gaps and pauses, so that the viewer can play the rich imagination, for the limited form filled the universe as vast infinity.

In this paper, the word "leaving white" is borrowed into costume design and costume modelling to describe the ―― "shape" of the higher stage of the development of costume art. Incomplete shape, it looks blurry because it omits part of the integral form. However, as long as this fuzzy degree can be properly grasped, it can produce a lot of psychological stimulation for the viewer. The omitted shape, by implication, can be fully shaped in the eyes of man and mind. Even sometimes incomplete metaphysical certainty is stronger than some complete form of certainty. In fact, although some of the shapes are intact, they still look uncertain. The viewer cannot understand or make a difference. According to the view of art psychology, incomplete shape, present in the eyes of the viewer is an incomplete and incomplete state, which will naturally cause the strong reaction of visual perception. The response is to seek the integrity and simplicity of the form. It means that the eye will involuntarily induce a tendency to recover from incomplete form, thus greatly increasing the degree of arousal of consciousness. However, this incomplete form complements the complete recovery process is complex and varies from person to person.

An important criterion for evaluating the artistic creativity of an artist or designer is their ability to use incomplete form. It is to see how they use incomplete, unfinished shapes to create greater forms of meaning and stimulation. There is a difficulty in this, that is, the incomplete form is the visual recovery of the viewer by implication, so it cannot be ambiguous. It can only remove some of the relatively unimportant parts of things, but the rest can represent the essence of things highlighted. And, in this imperfect shape, there has to be the existence of the gestalt pressure. Human visual perception has the ability to reconstruct a defective object, and it can see something that does not exist but is implied. This is the ability to use imagination to get more "yes" from "none". However, this is not so clear from the "no". Also, different people see this "there" is not the same. Different people, because of historical culture, living environment, growth experience and personality characteristics of the different factors, to "have" the reconstruction of nature is not the same. But when they look at the unfinished form, they produce a psychological counterpart. This kind of phenomenon is actually very good understanding. For example, a character's image and characteristics, cartoonists can grasp through a few pens. In the sketch of the characters, Matisse often uses ellipsis to highlight the character's fundamental features.

Leave White in the clothing modelling design mainly has the following several ways, respectively is: the deformity leaves the white, the layout leaves the white, the space leaves White as well as the form leaves the white.

Deformity is missing, missing, incomplete meaning. In the costume modelling can appear as the line discontinuous, the contour and the graph incomplete, also has the basic structure and the component missing. Incomplete is a post-modern design language, it and hope in a sense is a kind of aesthetic unity. Because, the incomplete thing is contains the hope, it can let the people produce to the beautiful thing yearning.

Kunju Kawakubo is the forerunner of incomplete aesthetics. In 1982, she launched the "Beggar pack", shaking the people's inherent concept of clothing, leading the fashion, garbage fashion trends, and finally by the British Victoria and Albert Museum collection. This series of garments does not have the slightest tinge of brightness, gloomy dim tone, structure loose, dress "not whole", sleeve length, coat and moth-infested holes, lining also dew out, showing a kind of poverty, sloppy feeling, an anti-Western women's show on the Court noble, sexy style.

This kind of broken, dismembered design thought in her later works also has continued, all in the emphasis on the incomplete state, by "lack", "humble" to show the United States. This kind of beauty on the basis of psychological "words have to do and meaning infinite", left to the viewer rich imagination space, thus is dynamic, is a kind of dynamics of the United States.

The layout remains white, in the clothing modelling manifests in the detail design the distribution and the arrangement, as well as the detail and the overall modelling relations, also is in the visual perception, the remainder part uses the large blank space to highlight the detail design, simultaneously gives the human to imagine, presents the layout the beauty.

The space left white of costume modelling mainly refers to the white-space effect produced by the interior spaces of the costume modelling. Here's an explanation of the concept of inner space. The interior space of costume modelling includes the space between the clothing and the clothing, as well as the space between the clothing and the human body. The space left white of costume modelling mainly shows the space between clothing and clothing. This kind of stay white can also produce like unfinished effect, triggering people's conjecture.

The space between clothing and clothing is like the effect of holes in sculpture. In this type of costume, the costume is shaped like a sculpture. The inner concave space has the effect and the meaning of the hole. In appreciating this kind of clothing, the viewer seems to see a pressure in the space, poured into the apparel shape of the entity. The effect of such visual perception is also very strong.

It should be pointed out here that the white dress design, can not ignore the role of human clothing, it refers to a design of the form of white. Through the above analysis, we know that for a partial, incomplete form of stimulation, people will involuntarily according to their previous aesthetic experience, forcing the brain to work nervously, creating a visual perception of the form of "complete" internal driving force. And then guide people's imagination, so that it actively to the hazy form to complement the complete, so as to obtain aesthetic and dynamic. The art of leaving white in costume modelling is also the art of leaving white body natural form.

How to highlight the body by leaving white? For this proposition, Chinese and foreign designers have their own different views. Oriental designers pay attention to the human body through the hidden to express, more subtle and graceful, and western designers through the body of the prominent to performance, relative to the Chinese to stay white, this way is more enthusiastic and unrestrained. People say that Cheongsam is a Chinese-style sexy pronoun, its wonderful in concise and smooth line design with the slit at the side seam, so that the body part of the female is covered, but elegant jade legs are visible, giving people endless reverie space. Chinese Tang Dynasty clothing modelling in the design of the topless, there is a "half mask" effect, like "still hold the pipa half mask", "powder chest half cover suspected dark snow", also give the imagination of space.

Evening dresses are a very representative dress in western costumes. Western evening dress sexy, first of all in the bare back, however, its white leaves there is a more subtle aspect. From the side, along such a line of sight, from the front of the neck, to the back of the scapula, and then to the recess of the waist, forming a bow-shaped arc, showing another kind of rigid and flexible aesthetic. There are also many Western fashion designers and brands, they are good at dividing pieces of fabric according to the human body, removing parts of them, or replacing them with transparent or skin-colored materials, and sewing them in such a way as to highlight the graceful figure and body curve of the woman, leaving it to the viewer to understand, Imagine and replenish the space of gestalt.

Versace's dress design, often used in this way, by leaving White to highlight the graceful shape of women.

The appearance of white in the clothing, that is, incomplete shape, can give people indescribable wonderful feeling, with "No" interpretation of "there", giving form abstruse and immense plasticity, thus forming a kind of God both, empty the aesthetic taste and artistic expression.

Incomplete shapes Force and guide the viewer to make full use of their imagination to discover and accomplish something. The viewer participates in the creation of the work through his own creativity, which complements the incomplete form to the complete form. The more the artist gives the viewer more room to play, by pulling them into this magical circle of creation, the more things the viewer can do, the more he can feel the excitement of that creation, and even the ability to use his brain to understand what is not there and what is vague. In this sense, the viewer has become a part of the creation of the work, but also a member of the art creation. It is a postmodern way of writing, creating a new way of communication between artists and the viewer. Moreover, such works for different viewer, through their visual construction of the appearance is very different, at this time the work contains a tremendous shock tension.




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