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Paper代写:The Arab art

2017-10-10 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- The Arab art,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了阿拉伯艺术。作为阿拉伯艺术的种类,精致绘画与绚丽装饰已然成为绚丽多彩的一面。宗教与艺术有着共同之点,都力求追求完美境界,都是人们心灵深处的一种深切感受。所以阿拉伯艺术不仅表现伊斯兰教的艺术,而且将阿拉伯对客观世界存在的万物的认识和感受,用艺术的形式真实而优美地表现出来。阿拉伯艺术在表现伊斯兰教信仰的大原则下,还表现出人类对美好的世俗生活的追求,与世俗艺术有许多共同点。

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As a kind of Arab art, exquisite painting and gorgeous decoration has become a colorful comparison. This paper expounds the kinds and forms of painting and decorative art through many factors, and its role in the life of the Arabs and the edification of life.

Religion and art have a common point, all strive to pursue a perfect state, are deep in people's hearts a deep feeling. Arabs think: "The United States is implicated in feelings, but also implicated in the heart." "At the same time, they also have close connection, religious belief often can inspire people's artistic creation inspiration, while art often can express people's religious belief more intuitively in external form." Islam believes that the whole human society is harmonious and unified, so the art should reflect this unity comprehensively and truthfully, praising a noble and pure spirit. So the Arabs recognized that "the main standard of beauty is symmetry, unity and harmony." But Arab art shows not only the art of Islam, but also the knowledge and feelings of the Arabs in the objective world, and the true and graceful expression of the form of art. Because of the characteristics of the "two lifetimes" of Islam, Arab art, under the great principle of expressing the Islamic faith, also shows the human pursuit of the beautiful secular life and has many similarities with the secular art.

Islam opposes idolatry, and many doctrinal scientists believe that only Allah has the right to display the image of man and animal, so that there is no art of human and animal image in the mosque. But in a few palaces and books, such works of art can be seen. In the mural on the wall of Harry's Al-Amurai small Palace Hall, several portraits of the courts were painted, as well as symbolic figures representing victories, philosophies, histories and poems. In addition to the characters, the mural depicts animals, showing a lion pounce on a wild donkey, decorated with the lace also depicts the birds. Obviously it was influenced by the art of ancient Greek painting and Sassanid Chipos painting. The worship of emperors in Greek and Persian paintings, and the tendency of hedonism in life, were manifested in the murals, and there were also several Greek nouns in the Arabic of murals. So some scholars think: "We so-called Islamic art, whether from the origin, the theme of the technique is a compromise, the majority of the conquered people of all nationalities artistic genius creation."

However, the typical Arab painting art of decoration, is mainly flowers and geometry. The Arab artists have made great achievements in this respect. Create a special style of art, most Europeans call it "Arab" or "Arab pattern." This style of art is often detached from three-dimensional space, rich in philosophical sense of abstraction. Whether it is flowers or foliage or geometric patterns, it seems to reach the infinite distance.

Geometric patterns have different levels of functionality. A continuous, endless visual effect created by geometric patterns, the greatest degree embodies the highest principle of Islam, "Tower Enlightenment Sid", its physical function is, by borrowing and imitating different decorative materials used in the subject, after a large area of coverage, to conceal the original texture of decorative objects, so that viewers avoid knowing the material itself, Ignoring the structure and shape of the object under decoration, and so on, sinking into the pattern, and feeling the call of "return to the letter one God", realizing the truth and beauty of "tower enlightenment". From the symbolic point of view, Crischrow points out that one of the most prominent and important aesthetic categories of Islam is "unification", that is, the worship and belief of the only God who dominates the universe, which is a unity of existence and of the cosmos. In the geometric pattern, a circular symbol of the universe is used to project the corresponding righteousness, which is the symbolic language of expressing this thought.

The application of Arab decorative art is wide. First applied to the military. Knights of the Arab world often use decorative heraldry as their own mark. Arab articles in the era of the Abbas dynasty were two-headed eagles, iris-shaped, and two keys. Ayyu Bushu's article is the eagle, Mameluk the Knights of the common animal image decorated shield, banner and shirt. such as the famous Sodin Beibers of the heraldry is a lion, Bell's solitary lattice is an eagle.

The Arab architecture is widely used in decorative art, whether it is the mosque building, or the palace or mausoleum buildings, are decorated with many carved art or mosaic works of art, make the building look luxurious, beautiful. The surface of the large dome of the tomb is inlaid with dazzling colored glazed tiles, which form a circular pair of top-ribbed patterns that are densely covered with the top of the dome. The drum seat surface is a gorgeous glazed veneer brick, which is decorated in the middle with the huadiao of the Arabic inscription of the Library law body. The exterior of the tomb is inlaid with a fine of blue, mixed with a reddish brick. Blue porcelain, red brick, agate, huadiao, gold ornaments, murals, the composition of a colorful picture, dizzying, dazzling. The tomb's doors and railings are carved with exquisite wood and stone, and the bottom of the tomb is decorated with various colors.

The art of calligraphy is also an important aspect of Arabian art. In the early days of Islam, the Prophet Muhammad wrote a letter to Arab tribal chiefs and called for their conversion to Islam, using the Iraqi library of law calligraphy. The third generation of Caliph also ordered the transcription of several Qur' aan in Arabic in the Library of France. But as an Arab art, about 9th century straight 11th century, its founder Rehani. Arabic text is similar to pattern, more suitable for decorative pattern than other words. Therefore, this period of Arabic calligraphy is called the enjoyment of highly rated art, the status of calligraphers increasingly important, and even more than the painter. Calligraphy-related colorful, illustrations and carvings have also developed to add luster to Arab art. The Muslim "Koran" is usually decorated with beautiful calligraphy, and in addition to paintings and carvings, all kinds of gift boxes are generally carved with beautiful Arabic characters. Grande Mosquee and Palaces hang on lanterns, often seen as decorative calligraphy art. The buildings are also often engraved with ornate Arabic inscriptions. Sculptures, painted pottery, textiles and other works of art, there are Arab calligraphy art to show the Islamic faith. In these decorative calligraphy art, the Arab calligraphers not only decorate the calligraphy works around the flowers, feathers, vines and climbers, but also use the gilded art, silver inlay, shell inlay, jewelry inlay, such as decorative crafts of the book text, or even directly composed of calligraphy figures, birds, animals and other graphics, Combine the beauty of nature into the art of calligraphy. The original relatively monotonous, stiff library of calligraphy, which has changed into a flower-type, climbing type, velvet type and so on.




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