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Paper代写:Network attack and defense means

2017-08-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Paper代写范文

下面为大家整理一篇优秀的paper代写范文- Network attack and defense means,供大家参考学习,这篇论文讨论了网络攻防手段。网络攻击会非法侵入电脑系统,跨越权限获得文件的使用权,给用户造成损失。而想要避免遭受损失,最有效方法就是掌握网络防御技术。网络攻击的手段,一般采用的是木马漏洞进行攻击。而想要防御木马的攻击,则可以安装一些防护软件和开启防火墙。

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Network resources are rich and valuable, people can use these resources to increase knowledge, engage in electronic business activities, to obtain profits, and so on. As such, some people are driven by the interests of illegal means to attack the network, access to personal privacy, profiteering. This is also the main reason of network attack and network crime. Network attacks in a short period of time can not be completely eradicated, to safely use the network, we must understand the common network attack means, targeted to defend. This paper introduces the attack methods and ways in the network, and gives the feasible defense suggestions.

Network attacks can illegally invade the computer system, across permissions to obtain the right to use the file. When hackers gain administrator rights, just as the owner of the computer is using a computer, all privacy will be exposed, and the personal impact. Network attacks will cause the paralysis of the website, so that enterprises and related institutions can not work in the normal network, resulting in huge losses. Cyber attacks also impersonate some official websites and platforms, tricking people into logging in, obtaining credit-checking information such as electronic bank accounts, transferring money and transferring users ' deposits. Cause a lot of economic losses. The means of cyber attack are diverse, which can damage people's property security, expose their privacy and disrupt the normal office order of enterprises. The most effective way to avoid loss is to master cyber-defense techniques. The network defense technology grasps, may establish the network bunker, to block the attack, to ensure network security; The mastery of network defense technology can make you wary of the fake website platform and reduce the probability of deception; The mastery of network defense technology can help you find out the source of attack, help the attackers protect their rights and reduce the loss. So it is important to understand the methods of attack and how to master network defenses.

Buffer overflow attack means: To understand the damage caused by buffer overflow, first understand the meaning of this overflow. The buffer is simply the memory space that is allocated in advance for the computer-related program when it is executed. But if these allocated buffers are not enough to fit the data, just like the water in the bowl, the bowl is overflowing. The rest of the data is then directly into the unallocated memory space for storage. This kind of design is relatively reasonable in order to finish the work, but this gives an opportunity to attack precisely. First of all, the overflow of data at random into the memory space, then the original memory space data will be lost. Cause data chaos, network paralysis phenomenon. Secondly, after the overflow, the virus data is injected, then the virus is stored directly in memory, so that the virus entered smoothly and captured the network. So this type of attack is often used. In the process of program execution, there is often no overflow data validation, so once the overflow, the attack is basically successful. The common C Language Series code program is the target of buffer overflow attack. The early worms were using this method to destroy the network.

Scan port attack means: Computers communicate with other terminals or networks, often using ports for data reception. It is validated by mutual agreement, and then the open port is ready to transmit and receive data. For example, a tripartite handshake authentication method. The sender sends the request and requests the data to be sent. The receiving party verifies the basic information and responds. and confirm it again. Ensure certain security and synchronization between sending and receiving. But after the confirmation the port is open and can receive the data. At this point, if the open service is found by the attacker, it will be in a dangerous state. So the attackers constantly listen to commonly used ports, once found open state, they steal the relevant service information, the purpose is to pass the port, forged identity, intrusion into the computer to gain access.

Denial of service attack: A denial-of-service attack is an attack that attackers use to make it impossible for a target host to access resources or provide services. These resources include disk hard disk space, threads, memory, and so on. A denial-of-service attack is a consumption attack on network bandwidth. Bandwidth attack is not a strange topic, it refers to the use of a large amount of traffic data to attack the network bandwidth, so that most of the network bandwidth resources are exhausted, so that the host does not normally handle the request of legitimate users. The attacker generated a denial-of-service attack, which caused the server's buffer overflow to be unable to receive new requests, and the attacker could also use IP address spoofing to make legitimate user requests stolen by attackers, unable to reach the destination of the information request, seriously affecting the user's requested connection.

Trojan loophole attack means: the name of the Trojan horse from ancient battles, siege castle not fruit, so build a trojan, let some soldiers sneaked into the Trojan, ordered the attack troops retreat. Defenders of the castle found the attackers retreating, cheering and pushing the Trojans into the city as spoils of war. That night, soldiers out from the Trojan, open the gate, Liyingwaige captured city. The same is true of the computer's Trojans, which can be found by mail and downloading files. Control permissions in the hands of the Trojan horse makers. Trojan status in the continuous detection, found the Trojan into the user's computer, Trojan horse makers on the control of the Trojan to infect and destroy.

In the formation of the network, we should fully consider the structure of the network, wiring, routers, network and bridge settings, the choice of location, strengthen the important network facilities, enhance their ability to resist destruction. When connected with the external network, the firewall is used to screen the internal network structure, to authenticate the external access, to filter the data, and to partition the security domain and assign the hierarchical permission in the intranet. Access to the external network, some unsafe sites filtered out, to some of the frequently visited sites to mirror, can greatly improve efficiency, reduce the burden of the line. Each node in the network is relatively fixed, it is forbidden to connect freely, some important parts arrange special site personnel maintenance, guarding, prevent natural or man-made destruction, strengthen the site safety management, do a good job of power supply, grounding, fire extinguishing management, so that it meets the traditional sense of security work objectives.

First of all, through the third party website Identity Integrity certification to distinguish authenticity; Further said, check the site domain name, fake web site and the real site has a small difference, such as in the domain name, the fake site usually the English letter "L" replaced with the number "1", CCTV replaced Ccyv and other imitation domain name; Fake web site's font style and real site often inconsistent; more recently, the query site ICP record query; Finally, use the official website detection platform.

For viruses, Trojans and some network attacks, many of the corresponding network security enterprises have developed the relevant protection software. From the classification point of view, first, there is antivirus software, the purpose is to have a collection of viruses that have already appeared, through the anti-virus software can detect the current computer virus threat, such as found in interrogation, the corresponding treatment. Antivirus software mature products are numerous, as long as the use of a can be updated to meet the basic requirements. Secondly, the firewall, plays the role of partition, blocking the dangerous information into the path. Common with Skynet and other related products. Firewall protection architecture can be built to enhance security. Finally, attack detection and reverse attack software, can identify the attacker's IP address, conduct a record of attacks, help rights. Even some of the software contains a counterattack function. Intrusion detection technology is generally divided into abnormal detection and routine detection. Abnormal detection, is to detect the existence of abnormal behavior in the system to achieve detection purposes, it can quickly detect the network of unknown intruders, the false negative rate is very low, but because in the detection can not exactly define the normal operation characteristics, so the false alarm rate of information is high. Conventional detection method, the biggest drawback of this method is that it relies on the function of the library, can only detect existing intruders, can not detect unknown intrusion attacks.




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