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英国essay代写-the direct and digital marketing for financial services

2017-08-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

本篇essay代写-the direct and digital marketing for financial services讲了orrester年度全球手机银行业务基准中,Westpac取得了令人印象深刻的成绩。顺便说一句,英联邦银行和nab也取得了很高的成绩。然而,澳新银行作为澳大利亚银行之一,只得到了惊人的低点,只有44点,甚至没有达到平均水平。本篇essay代写由51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

Good morning/ afternoon everyone. Today, the topic of my speech is about the direct and digital marketing for financial services, focusing on mobile banking for banks. First, we can see the article that I gave. This paper gives us a typical example which highly involved in one of the categories as the direct and digital marketing strategies based on this model p3. The Westpac! According to the article, we can find that they have been successfully built up their mobile banking system. It is no doubt that mobile banking is one of the most useful online marketing and digital media services, since costumers can use it through either mobile phone or websites. Under the view of the institute, with help of the rapid development of the service, people do much further marketing analyses depend on the data. The interaction by both customers and firms helps it become more perfect. However, is this also means that Westpac was doing absolutely well in building one to one customer relationship? How about others? I pay more attention on this digital approach specifically and let’s find it out.

Depend on this article, we can mention that Westpac achieved an impressive score of 86 out of 100 in Forrester’s annual global mobile banking benchmark. By the way, the Commonwealth Bank and nab also achieved with a pretty high score. However, ANZ as one of the Australian bank just got a surprise low mark with only 44, even not attains the average level.文章图 At the same time, another notable things are that the internet penetration rate of Australia was 94.1% during 2014 and the mobile penetration rate was 133.1%. When we looking at the p8,9, those also imply that each Australian has more than one mobile on hand for average and this rate is ranked as NO1 in the world. It is quite puzzling that why ANZ didn’t improve the mobile service based on Australia’s heavy mobile users and their competitor’s great achievements. 

Now come back to Westpac, they have strong advantages in every category. The bank earned the highest score in the transactional features category. They did particularly well in the range of touch points, account, and money management, as well as marketing and sales. Meanwhile, they are also one of the banks that enable NFC contactless mobile payments. They did many innovative such as customers can take pictures of their credit cards to activate them is advanced. To apply the case onto the model, these features are highly related to some concepts we discussed in the lecture. P11, when we need to identify whether a digital market is matured or not, there are five levels to determine. Because the customer of Westpac can organize their apps and gain their account’s information and notification from mobiles, it is clearly that Westpac has a digital presence. It is already achieved essential level. More importantly, the more people used the mobile bank, the more information of consumers’ behavior and their interest in targeting can be researched. Therefore, it is obvious that these factors have contributed to their great sales and money management achievements. Further, they also reached differentiated level by offering touch points and unique NFC contactless mobile payment to consumers. Thanks for those, they have done well in differentiation from normal digital marketing. Additionally, their innovative technique for activation make things become more convenient and collect a lot of brand impressions. This part can classify as digital transformation. Over this model, it is clear that the action of Westpac all follows the model process briefly. Published, interacted, transacted and transformed. 

All four banks received very good scores for a range of touch points and transactional features, like tap and pay, apple pay, staff and so on. As a clear leader and the most improved one, Westpac is advanced by their peer to peer services. In this case, they also provide their money management tools in terms of visualization of the current account and personalized functions in their apps. When we compare it to other banks without virtual tools, the advantages are obvious. Westpac can help their customers to understand their finances and achieve their financial goals. 

This ad is involved in the public sphere, p17 aligning with consumer goals and show up their diversified money services. It is relevant to the daily needs of the costumer and provides utility, featured as engaging, compelling and refreshing. Obviously, other competitors are not perfect without digital money management. They may lose some potential customers due to some failure of building more humanized service and one to one customer relationship in this area. Time go by, finally, they may continue to lose customer data and then, p 13 it is harder to improve market effectiveness and the brands with less customer database. 

Broadly speaking, Australian banks offer extensive transactional features across various devices. However, also many lags existed in providing contextual help and offer customers’ needs. Costumer may do some report since the fraud within the mobile banking app. According to the critical ethical and public policy issue with digital marking, p20 internet fraud is one of the concerns, as well as privacy. An innovative protective about this can easy win the trust and belief of costumers. 

Another considerable point is that the article claimed that the mobile banking adoption has reached critical mass, do you agree? Is there any opinion towards that? In my opinion, it is pretty critical mass. It is hard to get any improvement except for really differentiated features. To remain in the market, at least every bank should have digital money management tools like Westpac does and providing personalized relevant offers. The orchestrator model focuses on what you need to do in a different situation. In other words, it is kind of like playing different instruments at different times. In this case, banks put data in and find out by “do” idea, they require to focus on content and production. Then, after tailoring, banks are keen to have some money management specialist to expand their mobile services, focusing on content and production. P15

As conclusion, it is no doubt that digital marketing is essential for the financial services, especially for the banks. Customers data collection is very important, and one to one customer relationship is the key of collection. Although banks have other categories for direct and digital marketing which are all achieving pretty well, mobile banking is still going to be the mainstream financial service in the future. It is the platform that costumers choose to have communication with banks. The whole industry is ready for evolving and innovation.



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