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英国essay代写:A unique culture in British cinema

2019-10-16 | 来源:51Due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

本篇essay代写- A unique culture in British cinema讨论了英国电影中的独特文化。纵观英国的电影史,其题材大多以历史和文学为主,影片中也注重对英国本土传统遗产文化的传承和发扬。英国电影风格独特,主题鲜明,把传统和保守的独特英国文化全面地呈现给观众。但从某种意义上来说,英国电影所表现出的文化在思想上的保守性,制约了英国电影的发展。本篇essay代写51due代写平台整理,供大家参考阅读。

After a century of development, British films have always been hard to separate from Hollywood films, and sometimes even their national identities are confused. This is also an important reason why British films always advocate the analysis of identity problems and eliminate the anxiety of "identity complex". The composition of the British ethnic complex, in addition to Northern Ireland's ethnic groups, there are England and other ethnic groups. However, the different emotions of different nationalities often make the original unified title of British films questioned. Nevertheless, British films still retain their cultural status in the complex film history without being eliminated by the complex film emotions. The unique culture contained in British films is still worth studying.

British national values are mainly conservative, which is closely related to its executive monarchy. Therefore, conservatism is often the main feature of British culture, and its film production is also difficult to be separated from the guidance of this ideology. For example, David lean's film "brief encounter" clearly shows the unique self-restraint spirit of the British middle class, and the gentlemanliness of the whole film can be seen everywhere. This film is mainly a boring marriage and had to rely on extramarital love to meet the emotional needs of middle-aged men and women as the protagonist, around the meeting of the two, beyond the rules and other plots to carry out the narrative. This romantic warmth beyond rules and satisfaction is David rinne's mild mockery of the conservative traditionalism that ignores people's inner needs.

The infinite sensibility and instinct of red shoes also vividly expresses the contradiction between culture and human heart. To some extent, red shoes not only shows the conflict between career and love, but also reflects people's survival philosophy and cultural needs. The extraordinary magic power of red dancing shoes and the transformation of shoemaker into a lovely fairy in the ballet all symbolize the transference of norms, taboos and destinies of the British people, especially the middle class, which is also an important feature of the current British culture. It is precisely because of this strong literary, composed solid script, the British film can effectively show the spirit of realism. At the same time, British films often point out the shortcomings of British conservative culture through the mistakes of norms and dogmas. Well-known films such as chariots of fire and hope and glory have fed back the dullness of real life by recounting British history. With its deep and austere style of expression, optimistic state of mind, a powerful display of the English nation's Puritan tradition.

When repression is too deep, the backlash against repression will be deeper, and the degree of routine distortion will be greater. Therefore, when British films show their conservative and pedantic style, they tend to boldly show another hippie style that contradicts it. This style, often let the audience feel incredible. In fact, despite the fact that the most typical symbols of British culture are the tuxedo, the culture stick and the gentlemanly manner displayed by British men, rock music and the beatles are also very important parts of British culture. Such as the famous British critic and finch bunol comment has said that the British film is one of the traditional, it like a "brief encounter" expresses the British people can't vent conservative feelings, but the British film again with a new style, such as "trainspotting" movies, was very clearly expressed the British people, cynicism, disruptive is obvious. This new style often takes the youth as the role localization, the vanguard experiment characteristic is strong. Idiosyncratic and eccentric, terry's penchant for going his own way is an expression of the incompatibility of British cinema with Hollywood influence. In order to express and lead this new style, the famous director Stanley kubrick has made a series of indifferent and bizarre films such as gone with the wind and the shining. Especially its photograph "shining clever", and no matter its mirror-image style is distinctive, see its transcendental and cold with the horrible breath of mysterious only, can make a person feel new style already arrived acme condition.

Alan parker's film the wall is also an exploration of artistic expression on the basis of cultural frontier. By definition, the wall is not a drama, but a music movie, MTV, which is very popular in the current TV media. In other words, "the wall" is a "postmodern symbol" - the pioneering representative of music television. "The wall" has multiple themes, such as opposing war, tradition, society and culture, yearning for freedom and suppression of life, conflict between father and child, etc. Various complicated contradictions are intertwined with the theme of the film. Surprisingly, the film is no longer confined to conventional images, but also injected new elements into the sound. The whole film presents obvious characteristics of fragmentation. The meaning and narrative structure of the film are completely without clear positioning, and only light and shadow seem to switch. Emotional expression, or visual display, is simply the pursuit of alternative pleasure. At the same time, the composition of the whole picture presents the characteristics of diversification, and the color processing is obviously subjective. The scene alternates and crisles due to the changeable editing style. Music is changeable and has auditory impact in the process of moving shot. Therefore, the whole film presents a strong visual and auditory impact. Until the 1980s and 1990s, films such as trainspotting and shallow grave pushed this new style to the climax again. The new style is also known as "cool Britain" for its quirky features. Among them, trainspotting has a strong marginal culture, and its opposition to tradition and culture is prominent. The expression strategy of the whole film borrows post-modern cultural techniques, such as collage and misappropriation, subversion and deconstruction, assumption and intentional exposure.

In addition to the above films, the cook, the thief, his wife and her lover, which spread in the British film industry, is even more so. Its eccentricity is different from that of "trainspotting" and "the wall", but its style is just as shocking. Plenty of footage is devoted to the cooking of a corpse feast, which is ugly and brutish, but with a mixture of chowder and parody, it's a jaw-droppingly exaggerated vision. Greenaway, the film's director, had suggested that the cook was his way of expressing his dissatisfaction with British politics, so he made a special return to the allegorical sketches of the 18th century and read a lot of works by the British writer swift. According to greenaway, the irony of "the cook" is typical of "englishness" attitude, that is, a skeptical attitude towards everything, including the things around him that he thinks are trusted. Of course, his works are not simply about borrowing and returning, but more about appropriation, collage and hybridization of post-modern visual communication art to express metaphorical English reality. Therefore, in essence, the cook is a dark political satire film full of postmodern characteristics.

The famous British scholar lez cook has clearly proposed that the main purpose of the film is to reproduce the reality of society, race and identity. The characteristics of British politics are unique. It has multiple ethnic groups and a long history of feudal monarchy. Even if a bourgeois revolution is carried out, it cannot be completely overthrown. Therefore, Britain can only implement the traditional monarchy and liberal democratic system coexist political system. Under this system, the traditional colonial glory and power be weaken gradually, fierce clashes reality and history, which makes the British film ideology gradually show the another unique representation: concern identity orientation, racial and cultural comparison problems, such as thinking about different cultures, different ethnic groups and different social classes are consistent. These appearances have become important themes of British films. After 1980s, the choice of this theme and the intention expressed by it became more and more clear, which also enriched the connotation of British films. As some critics have pointed out, British films made in the 1980s largely ignored the audience and focused on identity relations, multiple genders and other aspects.

In terms of British film culture, cultural contrast and reflection cannot be ignored. David lean is the representative of this kind of film. David lean has said in bridge over the river kwai that war is absurd and its destructive power will inflict pain on all. For example, at the end of the film, David lean expressed "crazy, all crazy" with the help of military doctors, which highlighted the anti-war theme of the film. This film shows the conformed spirit in the traditional British culture, and deeply criticizes the gentlemanly manner that regardless of the reality, does not care about the public and insists on fighting for face. These cultural issues were so grave that David lean had to use three vivid British, Japanese and American officers to convey them. To some extent, the selection of British, Japanese and American military officers is actually David lean's intention to express his inner feelings with images and artistic symbols. It is worth noting that the content of the bridge over the river kwai is not simply story themed, but cultural reflection and reconstruction themed, so the modernity of the film is obvious.

Lawrence of Arabia is a reflection on British colonial rule. Lawrence, the protagonist of the film, lives between Britain and its colonial dependencies. He did not represent the interests of either Britain or the vassal states, and he respected the third world, so he was left out in real life. Like Lawrence of Arabia, a trip to India observes different histories and cultures from the perspective of cultural estrangement and conflict. To some extent, the film Gandhi created the same image as Lawrence. The film highlights the national prejudice, shows the arrogant mentality of the former colonial master, and encourages other nations to get rid of the cruel colonial rule with the help of the national image of Gandhi.

Apart from this intention of cultural reflection, British films explore another kind of cultural reflection based on British culture and taking the internal culture of the nation as a clue. For example, "the wall" and "train-guess" have profoundly and sharply expressed people's pursuit of postmodern culture by virtue of the marginal culture of young people. In the beginning of the film trainspotting, it is shooting with wild and fast motion with the help of ruite's wild running, which makes the viewers feel the visual and auditory impact. Then, in an off-camera monologue, it mocks the stifled, methodical way of life and expresses its anger at not living. In fact, this kind of reflection and rebellion is also the film maker's rebellion against the conventions advocated by British culture and British nation. Although Britain is a world-renowned old imperialist country, and its earliest industrial revolution was once borrowed by the world, by the 20th century, it had already declined. The British people are proud of the advanced culture has lost its unique color and development vitality. Like ritter's angry roar: the humiliation of being Scottish, all this culture is inferior, trashy and asshole, all that glory long gone.

Another example is the British men as the key narrative "light pig six strong men". In the form of comedy, it highlights a series of lively and exaggerated plots, depicting the enthusiasm of workers in the north of England against the society. The whole film is based on the male perspective, and in the narrative process, women become the object of watching men. There is a palpable tension throughout the play, but the male wit and humor are also in place. Similar to the six men of light, there is human traffic. "Human traffic" shows the youth culture with vivid images and humor, and constructs a non-escapist real dream for the youth with fantastic ideas. Therefore, it is also called the typical representative of the new style of film.

From an objective point of view, ethnic issues in early British films did not get obvious feedback. The early British films mainly showed the superiority of the British nation, especially the great unified culture of which Britain has always been proud. It was only as the national crisis hit the British nation that British realists began to focus on national issues and strongly attacked the deficiencies of British culture. As the British film critic John ? hill said, because of early British film gradually disappeared, under the unified national identity is no longer proud, British film to use another better form to show the characteristics of the British national, including national characteristics, gender identity, regional characteristics and social, racial discrimination reality, etc.

For example, Michael Collins, the film made by Jordan, takes the Irish independence movement as the background of the film, and tries its best to create a brave and resourceful hero image that makes the nation proud. Some of the films show more confusion and contradiction in reality. For example, the game of crying, which has a complicated purpose, has demonstrated the contradiction of reality from the perspective of nationality, politics and sex. Structurally, "the crying game" skillfully integrates the two stories and places the protagonist fergus in two different dilemmas, one is the identity dilemma, the other is the gender dilemma. First, fergus was Irish, and he had to fight for his country's independence. But the bloody horrors of the war made him question his own good nature. In this tangle of evil and good, he betrayed the IRA to satisfy the hostage wish. Later, he chose to betray in accordance with the request of the hostages found his girlfriend dyer, but by dyer attracted and fell in love with it. When fergus fell in love, he found out that dale was actually a male with strong transvestism. The two contradictory and conflicting predicaments in the film skillfully constitute the relationship of mutual metaphor. In fact, this is also the key to the ideological contradiction the film wants to express. It shows the opposition between two nations from an objective perspective, but also expresses the confused intention of the opposition between evil and good.

Film is an important means of expressing ideology. Although different directors have different national identities, they all have the value orientation of freedom and openness. However, influenced by the ideology of grand unification for a long time, they will subconsciously serve the grand unification. That is why they sympathise with Ireland's failed independence movement and are angry at the bloody horrors of the IRA. In other words, in essence, British film directors have always reserved a certain status for the expression of British official ideology.



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