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英国essay代写:Abstract painting

2018-09-11 | 来源:51due教员组 | 类别:Essay代写范文

本篇essay代写- Abstract painting讨论了抽象绘画。在如今流行文化的背景下,当代画家更多的是关注于内心倾诉,既要运用传统手法又要有所开拓传统,具有继承和延续性。其中不乏加入形式的抽象或是介入主题的抽象,或多或少、或隐或显的出现抽象因素在一定程度上是与当下主流艺术相暗合。本篇essay代写51due代写平台整理,供大家从参考阅读。

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Abstract portraiture is an important genre in the development history of western painting, and Francis Bacon is a representative figure, showing the distortion, pain and alienation of human nature. This paper analyzes the art of bacon painting.

Under the background of pop culture, contemporary figurative painters pay more attention to confiding in their hearts. They should not only use traditional techniques, but also have a pioneering tradition, which is inheritable and continuous. Among them, there are some abstractions that add form or intervene in the subject, and more or less, there are some implicit or explicit abstract factors that are in close association with the current mainstream art to some extent.

As for the definition of figurative painting, most contemporary paintings are usually called "representativism" when they are classified, which is different from the western traditional figurative painting in essence. Therefore, it seems more appropriate to call this kind of art in contemporary times "picture painting" than "representativism". "This performance reviews something," as Pierre Schneider notes in his reflection on Matisse painting, "an image creates an existence." , of course, there are still a small part of the figurative painter still insist on painting creation, it is a good thing, these artists in dazzle color complex phenomenon in the world to spend a lot of time to do the "classic" review this drudgery, the phenomenon in the world and most of us already on television, network and so on some of the other "screening" of reality stupefied, for real world spend less time and less. Painters were obsessed with translating what they saw as the world into two dimensions, an increasingly rare study of painting that is perhaps the most powerful example in America of Catherine Murphy and Rackstraw Downes, both now and in the sixties when they lived. However in Ellen al method of work, the traditional got a new, strange, meaningful change.

In this world, figurative and abstract is the most common of the two existing forms, exists in all things, such as an apple, hold it in our hands, looking at is a tangible object, very "figurative", but if we take in observing the apple, at high magnification microscope, it is not what we observed by the naked eye: millions of cells closely together, in the segmentation, by water, fiber, vitamins and a variety of minerals, etc. The compositions of these seemingly "abstract". Just like the photo of klaas, when magnified many times, the figure of the figure of the figure is actually composed of many dots of small particles, which are unrelated to each other, closely combined to form an incredible image. It is possible to transform the juxtaposition between figurative and abstract, and to do so by means of magnification. Klose also USES the technique of "enlargement" to make his works more magical. Behind the surface figurative, the audience is lost in the abstract details, which is one of his major artistic features.

Since the century, almost no artist has embodied the tragic power of reality so realistically as bacon. But this does not mean that the dramatic tension and deep expressive meaning of the abstract extension of human life can really take place in any one of us and that the private and non-expressive presence within the individual can make people feel strongly. In the works of bacon, the realistic existence of the picture can inspire a magical appeal with violence. Such realistic existence is not applicable to all the subjects of civilization, but it is very specific and clear for Europeans in modern civilization. When bacon faced this theme, he adopted a specific, centralized and unusually authentic interpretation, which transformed the natural side of human nature into an inherent and turbulent reality scene. Life sense of reality, on the other hand, became a kind of external appearances for bacon, is only able to paint the one way of this emotion into valuable, and perceived the tragic color in the picture through the dramatic way, this unique interpretation of human emotion mixed with permeability Pai energy and neurotic hysterical, hopeless in painter's view, similar to the emotional expression is more than any realistic performance has the true feelings. Through subjective sex hair completely, it quickly triggered the observer is the most sensitive nerve, century, with the understanding and research of bacon painting context Gui, more and more people realize the realistic, bacon contained in the painting of the realism is not completely with a specific time or real scene into contact, they are made of the painter's experience produced for the real things or the experience and feeling, of a truth that has happened into art activities in the real, on the form of establishing a practical operation. With the complex and profound resonance in the picture, bacon's works constantly guide the audience to understand and comprehend the burst of emotion of human nature. These specific forms try to lead the common emotions of human beings to the extreme. Bacon's artistic creation starts from his life, which is based on all the life experience and the feeling of existence and the trigger of human power, rather than the first thing seen. In contrast, rational judgment can sometimes be overwhelmed by a blurry grasp of complex emotions. In order to reach this ambiguity and turn it into something real, bacon created an extreme form of hypothesis, intimidation, and risk, as if betting on a gamble. Bacon is abnormal extreme for images show the effect of the judgment, without any auxiliary objective events just rely on the painter personal aesthetic judgment in a flash, the absolute judgment can lead to the destruction of a work, or abandoned by a permanent, this was also the selection of cold concentrated exploration of unknown images. Established rules or principles exists in rational system, and in that, bacon, human will not be able to get rid of from the beginning to use rational thinking to judge way of thinking, and want to get rid of these rules, principles or any preconceived notions, there is only one way to overturn it, but practice is to make the system produce loose important power and is likely to lead to a variety of extreme and the direction of the unknown. Bacon in the theory of choice is not only contributed to his painting is full of energy and tension factor, in fact, in his painting does not have a distinct theme throughout, this also gives spontaneity to the work and the viewer to interact, in the image is not associated with real produce actual clear clue, prompting viewers in reading works when using a more acute and profound manner in order to further grasp the inner meaning of image contained in the, this kind of independent form and skill of obscure theme is one of the painter's pursuit of painting effect.

Bacon does not like abstract painting, but values the truth and the sense of unity, his figurative painting permeates the inner way of the object. It destroys the ordinary and uninteresting external image of the object and reveals the perceptual texture. The cage becomes a halo around the character's loneliness. The figure in the painting is sanctified by his self-awakening. The world in his painting is entangled with each other rather than in harmony. Life is just a game without reason. The pain of life, the silent cry, the twisted flesh and blood. These are the bareness of the art of bacon painting. No one has ever drawn this before, and such visual experience is clearly relevant to the real world we live in. Bacon in the painting art has a significant number of senior painter of references and lent, borrow some of the classical masters paintings on schema and some media reference images, the use is more extensive and frequent in bacon's works of art, such as the Spanish painter katz on the committee's portrait of the Pope the northern x. "and some movie media photos to borrow and processing, bacon to appoint lars katz painting directly quoted, inherited the traditional figure painting, the architecture of the more important works echo the era characteristics of painter itself in its environment. In his works, the painter transformed the synonym of social power and unlimited religious power into a lost and lonely soul. In the heart of the artist, he reflected and doubted the post-war belief in power and heroism. The painter USES the papal theme to express the basic and simple state of human existence. There is no divine power, only primitive energy emphasized by the painter. Therefore, the viewer feels the sex of the painting and the violence is direct. So in bacon, it completely dissolves the power of religion and completely restores the human instinct. Bacon's borrowing and reference of media and images is reflected in the fact that the painter is more willing to capture the authenticity that corresponds with the painter's heart.



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