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The literary aesthetics and ideology of the world literature tradition have been changing since the Renaissance, and the contents and forms of primitive, real and aesthetic sensibility have been changed with the development of history. Poetry, drama and other literary forms of this period occupy a very important position, the British history and life changes were vivid description, and established in line with their own development rules and systems.

As we all know, in the history of the development of human literature, literature inevitably experienced a transformation from the most primitive state to the mature process. British literature is the same, its formation is not an independent or spontaneous literary phenomenon, but each stage of development represents the country's social background, historical situation and cultural economy, and politics, life, military and other closely related. The rise of British contemporary literature is in full accordance with the objective law of its own development. It is not only a distinctive feature of social civilization, but also an inevitable result of the modernization of literature. In the contemporary era, British literature has developed into a tool, the historical changes and social life as one of the artistic expression, in the contemporary British society, the breeding ground of evolution, and European cultural prosperity blending.

British literature has a long history, in the process of continuous development and change, its own outside the various cultural forces also have a very important impact, historical, realistic, political characteristics after another. The original English literature, like the literature of the other countries, was not written, but verbal. The transmission of the story and the repertoire is completed and extended in the narrative, and finally the writing is started. British literature to follow its own law of development, from the moment of its formation, they gradually established in line with their national conditions of the system structure, and a firm pace into the new period. Retrospecting the development of each stage, contemporary British literature can better explain the sense of history and the sense of the times, which from the contemporary British drama, novels and poetry analysis and interpretation.

First of all, the 20th century English literature, a major breakthrough from the dramatic creation. With the Irish national liberation movement, opened the door to the Irish Renaissance, but also broke the new situation in English literature, so that the long-term British drama depressed face completely broken. At the same time, it is a clever collection of European classical comedy of the traditional model, the combination of theatrical script or social issues, or new ideas advocate brought to the British people a higher artistic aesthetic and enjoyment, , "Singer of Warren", Singh's "Playboy of the Western World", which not only succeeded in shaping Irish nationalist complexes, inspiring the enthusiasm of the people, but also in the early English drama literature occupies a very Important role. The second British drama climax is in the late 50's, with fresh vitality of the script on stage to show the spirit of sublimation, the representative works of Osborne's "angry review", Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" and so on, they With limited dialogue and scenes of the performance of social life and emotions at the same time, the British actor's starred in more creative to depict the potential of British drama connotation.

Secondly, in the novel, the war literature is derived in the world war, the two world wars caused by the endless stream of traumatic literature. Although there were a number of modern writers known for their subtleties before the war, neo-realist factions such as Joyce's "Ulysses" appeared in the post-war realism The modern urban life of the masses face, bold and innovative language to expose the truth, the vulgar and indecent indecent to show the city residents. These postwar emerging novel novels model, not only sincere and profound, and strong language, the history of the development of British novels an important turning point and progress. The writers of the older generation, such as Wales, Foster, Galsworthy, and others, used realist techniques to expose the emotional life of the people. In the 1920s, they expressed a great deal of realism.

The young writers of the post-war British literature scene abound, their focus is not to show the fearlessness of people's psychology, but to expose the ugliness of human nature, the desire for a better life, even the British people of all strife, Golding's "Lord of the Flies" is a good book to interpret these meanings. At the same time, at this stage there are a number of "angry youth", most of them grew up in the Labor Party after the welfare of society, received university education. However, this period of the British class is still clear, the resulting writers have a new meaning, such as Sili Tuo's "long-distance runners lonely", to humorous metaphor of the way the poor youth of the ruling class resistance and dissatisfaction . In addition, this period the United Kingdom emerged many talented female writers, their young women as the title, on the marriage, love, occupation and other issues described, the content is rich and delicate, plot moving, which also shows a large extent The creation of contemporary British novels is different from the past, not only is the symbol of the progress of the times, but also the inevitable trend of the modernization of British literature.

Again, the simultaneous emergence of poetry and drama also laid the foundation for the contemporary English literature, the early 20th century poetry mainly the use of special image description and changing rhythm known, and through the contrast with the national culture to describe Western civilization, in this Stage poetry has great social impact, such as Eliot's "wasteland", Hardy's great epic drama "Kings" and so on, are typical works of the times, not only sincere and profound feelings, but also for the history and life is also a long time Long thought. After the end of World War II, the poems of the poets to become simple and plain, with a relatively strong language sensitive to depict people's inner feelings, and published literary theory, to protect the status and dignity of poetry, Faction. Poetry, together with novels and drama, formed an unshakable position in British literature and shone in the present.

Contemporary British literature is different from other countries and other stages of its literary characteristics, it is a complex and changeable way throughout the contemporary social history of England, and the British contemporary literature put forward higher requirements and challenges. After careful exploration and practical verification, its artistic form and creative skills with the early model has been very different. The 20th century English literature, poetry for its regional characteristics of the more prominent growth. During this period, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and other places of poetry to fight Yan, together to create a bright British literary landscape. These regional English poems not only have distinct national characteristics, but also show the commonness of English poetry perfectly. The development of drama is also very well spread in modern times: the emergence and evolution of drama is characterized by its stage characteristics, the language is concise and the performance is superb

By the majority of the audience's approval and favor. The rise of British drama in full compliance with the development of English literature at all stages of the objective existence of the evolution of British literature is a significant sign. At the same time, the rapid development of English novels, its impact has largely been far more than the poetry and drama brought about by the shock. Contemporary British novels are famous for their plentiful contents, tortuous story lines and vivid characters, which not only conform to the requirements of history and times, but also have a wide range of novels and flexible contents. British novels as an aesthetic, the development and evolution of British literature has its own laws in line with the significance.

The development of British contemporary literature is not an independent spontaneous phenomenon, but with the different periods of social change in Europe and the European countries such as the prosperity and prosperity of culture blending. Contemporary British literary scene colorful, realism and practice are intertwined, women writers and ethnic minority writers emerge in endlessly, British literature presents diversified development trend. Women 's dominant position in the culture of contemporary British literature is well shaped to appear, become contemporary British literature is another important feature of the history. In the flood of contemporary British literature, women's cultural subjectivity has experienced three stages of development, namely, awakening, protest and determination. The creation of women can not only reflect their responsibility in the real world from their own perspective, but also can see the self-awakening of female consciousness, and can even insight into life and self-expression as non-gendered creators. Whether it is poetry, novels or opera, have joined the female writer's icing on the cake, making the British contemporary literary addition of a fresh and dynamic. In different stages, women represent different backgrounds and social status, and many works of the characters are particularly interested in adding the existence of its spiritual elements, such as the creation of Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice," Portia and Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre in Jane Eyre, these created female images not only represent the female characters in English literature, but also become the important representative of women in the British literary world for women's subject status. Only when women are independent and have their own dignity and value, can women's subjective consciousness and cultural subject status be embodied, which plays an important revelation and influence significance in the development of British literature.

British literature through various stages and periods of literary baptism and impact, with a firm and strong pace into the new era. The development of British literature in the course of several hundred years reflects a tenacious independence of self-confidence, fully embodies its British characteristics and characteristics of writers, especially contemporary British literature, showing the development of the state of its own, not only British social changes in the history of the product, but also reflects the development of their own national laws and artistic beauty. Today, as a tool to reflect the art of life, the social atmosphere, cultural atmosphere and realistic situation of British literature all have a very important influence and influence on their individual tendency. Especially in the British drama and novels have a continuation of the tradition of retention, which is characterized by different historical periods have emerged outstanding writers and perseverance efforts to innovate; the contrary, innovation enriched the content of British literature, and to a large extent Propelled the tradition. Such as "Robinson Crusoe", "Gulliver's Travels" and so are unique works, they are different from other countries' literary works, because abandoned the European neighboring countries of various styles of literature and dominate.

With the development of world literature, literature has changed and changed greatly. Literature is not only the language experiment and discourse description, but also the historical significance. For the British literature, contemporary literature, novels and other literary forms completely break the inherent pattern and way, the new artistic technique, the circulation language way and the melodic flavor which conforms to the age form, conforms to the present national condition and the new face. In the process of the development of English literature, literature moves back and forth between realism and modernism, and the establishment of new order and rules is the inevitable development of history and the times. The rise of ideology and aesthetic values in cultural traditions also influenced contemporary English literature to a great extent. Influenced by globalization, literary effects produced by various stages of the past have been broken down, and various literary factors have not only acted on their own scope, but have accumulated together to showcase the contemporary situation and conditions in Britain.

For the modern British literature, the British contemporary literature in the ideological implication and artistic form are trying to get rid of the shackles of traditional literature, avant-garde nature. In essence, contemporary British literature is the elite literature, should not exclude the modern and self-contained, more should not reject the conclusion of realism, should pay more attention to literary content rather than art forms. If the traditional realist form is ignored and the role of the modernists is neglected, the contemporary literature of England will inevitably produce many shortcomings. Both the creators of novels and dramas should be responsible for this change, especially for literature itself. Words, the pursuit of truth is the eternal character. If the creation of a show a special local, to show the crowd is a unique life and spiritual corner, then it also makes the literary works have a literary significance and value. Therefore, it is feasible to combine modernistic British literature with realistic color and modernism so that contemporary British literature can be developed in an open and long-term way. Similarly, the modernist culture can continue to be rich and varied.

All in all, the contemporary British literary world has gone far beyond its scope and characteristics, in the history of world literature occupies a certain position and role. Contemporary British literature has a strong vitality of realism, it is in each stage of the development process with the modern approach to mutual penetration, mutual integration. This law of development cannot be explained by abstract subjective or metaphysical methods, but can only be clarified and verified through the investigation and exploration of different periods of history. With the increasingly perfect and rich literary status quo, the development of English literature is also obvious, for each of its literary factors, such as poetry, fiction, drama and so play an advantage and indelible role, reflecting the different periods of their own value. In English literature, the most important thing is to show the beauty and artistic interest in the meaning of the works, to expose the characteristics and responsibilities of the society and the times. Only when the creators combine the spiritual world with the real society can the true connotation of literature be brought into play. , Can the specific characteristics of English literature and aesthetic value to be clear, to make the British literature stand in the world of literature.

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